Saturday, May 16, 2009

Markakis In The Mailbox

2 more eBay purchases arrived in the mail yesterday, both of them Nick Markakis cards. What is the plural form of Markakis anyway? Markakises? Markakii? I like Markakii, but don't believe that's the proper nomenclature. If you read my post about Teixeira and his grammatical nightmare of a name, you understand that grammar matters on this blog.

The first one is a 2007 Topps Chrome White Refractor. I didn't even though they made white refractors, but apparently they do, so I must not know too much.

Next up is a National Pastime autograph from 2007 Upper Deck Ultimate. I like the overall look of this card, but unfortunately, there is some chipping along the top. It's also a sticker auto, although you really have to remove it from the top loader and penny sleeve to be able to tell. Sticker autos suck, but I am not as passionate in my hatred as other bloggers seem to be. It's still an autograph, which is the whole point really.

I promise to scan my Markakis collection one day for the world to see. Not sure on the exact card count, but it's got to be at least nearing 75 or 80 by now. Most of the ones I don't have are base cards, since it's not worth paying the shipping charges on eBay. If you've got some Markakii (yeah, we're going with it anyway) laying around, contact me about a trade. Let's make a deal!

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  1. is a decent way to pick up those base cards. If you can find one seller who has a bunch you can sometimes pick up a nice haul at eighteen cents a piece plus shipping. I've added a lot to my player collections that way.