Friday, May 29, 2009

Turk-Off Packs 11 & 12

Well, after 10 packs, we're all knotted up at 5 apiece. Somehow, I managed to defeat Motherscratcher's first relic, AND the pack containing his silk card. Despite all of that, since my packs are either really awesome or really terrible, we are tied. Let's hope both of these packs are awesome.

PACK 11:

#111 Francisco Rodriguez base: 0pts
#117 Mickey Mantle base: +2 star list -1 for being a damn Yankee = 1pt

#72 Chris Carpenter base: 0pts
#133 Jason Bay base: 0pts
#TRP1 George Washington: 5pts. There aren't many Presidents better than this guy, even though he looks like a ghost on this card.

#102 Elijah Dukes base: 0pts
#116 Vladdy Goes Yard checklist: 0pts
#14 Ivan Rodriguez base: 0pts

Total for pack 11: 6pts

PACK 12:

#6 Corey Patterson base: 1pt. My first Oriole of the box. Too bad it's this guy.

#19 Mickey Mantle base: +2pts star list card -1 for being a damn Yankee = 1pt. Off to a good start!

#140 Alfonso Soriano base: 0pts
#155 Alex Rios base: 0pts
#? Cole Hamles Turkey Red Silk #76/99: 20pts. I ripped this pack last night, before MS posted his silk card. It's pretty cool we both got one. This card has a white streak along the bottom right, but it's still a beaut!

#23 Adrian Gonzalez base: 0pts
#77 Mickey Mantle base: +2 star list card -1 for being a damn Yankee = 1pt

#185 Vladimir Guerrero base: 2pts

Pack 12 total: 25pts

That was a damn good pack. There are WAY too many Mantles in this set. What does he have to do with Turkey Red again? Oh, right, NOTHING!

We'll have to see how Motherscratcher does before putting both packs in the W column, but it's at least looking like I could potentially take them both, and a lead.


  1. Aren't those freaking awesome? I don't think it gets more even than Hamels and Beckett silks. So, I feel like maybe my Griffey or Santana Ad Back is in my pack and I can pull off an upset.

    It's not looking good, though.

  2. Don't go all Cleveland on me now! We've still got half the box to go.

    Anything can happen. I still say it's too close to call.