Friday, May 29, 2009

Turk-Off Packs 13 & 14

Well, here we are, about to start the second half of the spectacle henceforth forever to be known as the Turk-Off. We finally have a definitive leader, and fortunately, it is yours truly. Karma is definitely on my side, since I apologized to the Commish. Here's hoping the hot streak continues.

Pack 13:

#64 Miguel Tejada base: 1pt. Another O's card I have to say "boo!" to.

#93 Carlos Gomez base: 0pts
#169 Justin Verlander base: 0pts
#172 Kelvin Jimenez base: -1pt (dammit!)

#59 Carlos Beltran chrome: 3pts

#129 Jack Wilson base: 0pts
#69 Nick Swisher base: 0pts
#54 Brian Giles base: 0pts

Pack 13 total: 3pts

PACK 14:

#113 Randy Johnson base: 0pts
#76 Nick Markakis base: 3pts. Took you long enough to show up Nick.

#31 Andrew Miller base: 0pts
#29 Alex Gordon base: 0pts
#181 Mark Teahen chrome: 3pts. Lots of chromes in this box, not enough refractors. This one even has a nice little scratch on it. Thanks Topps!

#132 Jamie Vermilyea base: 0pts
#3 Matt Cain base: 0pts
#70 David Wright base: 2pts

Pack 14 total: 8pts

Overall not too shabby. It was definitely nice to see Markakis in pack 14. Now if only he'd bust out of his hitting slump and help my fantasy team, life would be perfect.

My guess is that the 8pts from pack 14 should be enough to eek out another victory. The 3pts from pack 13 however, have me a little concerned. Let's hope Motherscratcher pulls lots of Yankees in his next pack, and a Kenji Johjoma to go along with them.

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  1. I'm about ready to get mine up. I was wondering when Nick would show up. Grady showed up for me really early.

    Have you noticed that both the O's and the Tribe are on 4 game winning streaks wince the Turk-Off madness began?

    The baseball God's must love a good Turk-Off.