Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No One is Listening to Billy Zane

This is sooo happening, and should be quite the duel. Motherscratcher of the Achiever Card Blog and I are going head to head, mano e mano, collector vs. collector, in a 2007 Turkey Red battle. Both of our boxes should be arriving today or tomorrow, and it is on like donkey kong!

We have developed a rudimentary scoring system to keep things fair, and here's how the battle royale will be tallied:

0 base card
+1 Indian or Oriole
-1 Yankee
+7 Cabinet
+20 Cabinet Dick Perez Auto
+3 Chrome
+5 Chrome Refractor
+10 Chrome Black Refractor
+15 Chromograph
+10 Relic
+5 President
+20 Silk
+8 for a SP

x2 If any of those pulls are Indians or Orioles
x3 If any are major stars like Pujols (we're still working on the "major stars" list)
x0.5 If it's a Yankee
x7 If it's Markakis or Sizemore
-3 points if we pull Kenji Johjima (for no apparent reason)

This will be a skins style scoring system, where the score resets after each pack, and we only get 1 master point for each pack.

We're still working on stakes for the winner, but it'll either be an auto, or a cheap box of wax. I'm thinking '92 Leaf Studio or Stadium Club if I can pull this one out.

The battle will begin in the next day or 2, and each pack will be scanned and posted, along with it's score, on our respective blogs. Final tallies will be determined after all 24 packs have been ripped, and at that point, a winner will be declared.

Does anyone have any more arbitrary rules or scoring suggestions to make this even more fun? Who's your money on? Side betting is encouraged.


  1. I have my entire checking account on you (negative $389.14 ouch!).

    Stupid bank. Stupid holiday weekend. Stupid me.

    Oooh, oooh! X2 for "ad backs"???

  2. Ohhhh, it's on.

    Here are a few things to consider:

    There are crazy odds on the chromographs (1/3700) for these players:

    A -Rod, David Wright, Sheffield, Jason Bay, Damon, Peavy, and Ryan Howard.

    The Dice K Relic is also super rare (according to Beckett)

    Maybe one of those pulls should be worth more. Then again, any auto is probably going to win that pack so it won't really matter. How about we make those pulls worth a billion points in the unlikely event that one is pulled?

    I glanced at the checklist and I wrote down some better players for the major stars:

    Mantle, Pujols, Halladay, Wright, Mauer, Griffey, Santana, H. Ramirez, M. Cabrera, Vlad

    Not sure if Jeter and A-Rod whoudl be included. Look up the checklist and see if anyone else should be on there.

    I was also thinking it should be negative points for more stuff. I can't think of anything, though.

    PRP - Is a SP different from an ad back or are all of the SPs Ad Backs?

    How do we break a tie?

  3. There are so many Mantles in this set they should almost be worth negative points.

    I'm fine w/ the star players list, and we may as well add Jeter & Arod, but that complicates the multipliers, since they are both star players and Yankees. We already have that problem w/ Mantle.

    The multipliers are only for "hits", right, and not base cards?

    I'm all for more stuff being worth negative points.

    If in the end we are tied for the number of packs we have won, we let the people decide via a nice little poll.

  4. Here is the list I have consulted for SPs.

    I say both the ad backs and regular SPs should be worth the same, which as of now is 8 points.

  5. Uh, not to hijack your contest, but our new catching Messiah will be joining the the O's on Friday night.