Saturday, May 2, 2009

Frankie & Eddie

Picked up these 2006 Upper Deck Epic Materials jersey cards on ebay for $6 shipped. Not too shabby for 2 Hall of Famers. I do have one complaint however, the Frank Robinson jersey swatch is from his days with Cleveland, and not Baltimore. Looking at the scan below, and the one on the ebay listing, it appears that the jersey swatch is orange, and I thought it was from this jersey, which the O's wore during Frank's last year with the team in 1971. Instead, it looks like it is most likely from one of these jerseys, and is in fact red. Why do card companies do this? I might be wrong, but it seems like an Upper Deck thing in particular. If the player is pictured in an Orioles uni, the game used memorabilia should be from that team as well. Regardless, I am thrilled to add these 2 cards to my Orioles Hall of Fame collection.

Check out the sweet mutton chops Eddie is rocking!

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