Saturday, May 30, 2009

Turk-Off Packs 19 & 20

We're heading into the homestretch here, and Motherscratcher is running out of options. I'm trying to get this thing over with at this point. 24 packs is exhausting, and this has truly proven to be a battle to the death, or at least exhaustion. Next week I work 12 hour shifts, so it's imperative that the sweet taste of victory is in my mouth by Sunday night.

PACK 19:

#110 Daisuke Matsuzaka base: 0pts (double?)
#33 Kurt Suzuki SP: 8pts. I really like the look of this card. The colors are more subtle, but it still works.

#141 Kevin Kouzmanoff base: 0pts
#186 Yovani Gallardo base: 0pts
#157 Jake Peavy base: 0pts
#75 Tyler Clippard base: -1pt (Another damn Yankee)

#13 Play At The Plate checklist: 0pts
#184 Matt Holliday base: 0pts

Pack 19 total: 7pts

Solid...but not impressive.

PACK 20:

#166 Jose Reyes base: 0pts
#150 Ken Griffey Jr. base: 2pts

#17 Stephen Drew base: 0pts
#81 Juan Pierre base: 0pts
#158 Jeff Kent chrome: 3pts (Jaggoff!)

#127 Ryan Zimmerman base: 0pts
#116 Vladdy Goes Yard checlist: 0pts (a checklist double...)
#14 Ivan Rodriguez base: 0pts (Frickin doubles!)

Pack 20 total: 5pts

Not the strongest of packs, but at least the evil empire was avoided, and I was able to keep all 5 points. I am predicting another split here, but Motherscratcher could easily take both of these, and even things up. That would really make things interesting.


  1. I remember when the Tribe traded Baerga in part for Jeff Kent. I was furious. I loved Baerga and all of the other big hitters back then. I swore up and down to my father what a "stiff" Kent was. That's what I kept calling him. A "stiff" My dad still reminds me of that.

    It wasn't long before Baerga had snorted himself out of the league. Kent, as you know, became a HOF Second Baseman, and a HOF Jaggoff. But, not for the Tribe. No, we put our eggs in Jose Viscaino's basket.

    It goes without saying I'd have prefered the Jaggoff.

    How about that? Things are tied up. It won't be long until they are replaying teh Turk-Off on ESPN Classic. Have you been contacted by Outside The Lines yet?

  2. You rat bastard! Nice comeback. Hopefully, you've done pulled all your hits.

    Either way, it's going to get interesting.