Monday, May 4, 2009

Wish List Card #2

1957 Topps Brooks Robinson RC

You may or may not have read my last post about cards from the 50's. This is one that I would LOVE to own, but probably never will, as it typically sells for anywhere between $100-$800, sometimes more depending on condition and whether or not it's graded.

Growing up around here, Brooksy is a player you hear about often, whether on television, or from people who are old/lucky enough to have seen him play. I was born in Brooklyn, and moved here as a child, so being young/unlucky enough to have never seen him play he was someone who I definitely under-appreciated. Last week I started reading "Black and Blue" by Tom Adelman, which chronicles the 1966 seasons of both team that would eventually appear in the World Series, the Orioles and Dodgers. I'm only about half-way through, but it has already given me a new found admiration and respect for Brooks Robinson. People tend to argue about who is the best third baseman of all time, and while I won't add fuel to the fire, I will say that Brooks has to be up there among the finest ever to play the game.

In unrelated news, I was at the post office today, mailing out some cards for trades that had been arranged over the weekend, and had the following brief conversation with the employee who helped me.
P.O. Lady: "Anything liquid, flammable or potentially hazardous?"
Me: "Nope, just good ol' baseball cards."
P.O. Lady: "So I guess you don't want these bent then?" (while bending both envelopes I had handed her)
Me: "No, I don't!"

What a bunch of amateurs!


  1. I get the EXACT same conversation when I go to the Post Office too...maybe they train the employees to bend the envelopes just to see what the customer does.

  2. Lots to say here:

    1. You think it's difficult owning cards of past O's greats, try being a Dodger fan. All the Jackies and Dukes and Pee Wees and Sandys. If only I were a rich man.

    2. The Black and Blue book sounds good. I've never heard of it before. I'd like to get it, although I know I won't like the ending.

    3. I brought a couple of card packages to the post office once and the woman there said, "these feel like baseball cards." I said, "that's because they are." She said, "Oh, my husband drives me crazy with these things." I said, "It's not a bad thing." She said, "Depends on how much money you spend."

    I wonder if her husband has a blog.