Friday, May 29, 2009

Turk-Off Packs 15 & 16

The saga continues.

PACK 15:

#113 Randy Johnson base: 0pts
#76 Nick Markakis base: 3pts (Hello again friend)

#102 Elijah Dukes base: 0pts
#186 Yovani Gallardo chrome refractor: 5pts. This guy might be worthy of a refractor now, but in 2007? Either way it's cool to have a rookie refractor I guess.

#31 Andrew Miller base: 0pts, and a double.
#53 Swiping Second checklist: 0pts and another double.
#57 Miguel Montero base: 0pts
#18 B.J. Upton base: 0pts

Pack 15 total: 8pts

Another solid pack points-wise. Lots of doubles though, including Markakis, who at least scored me some more points. I have not pulled a single Cleveland Indian card throughout the first 15 packs. Is that weird?

PACK 16:

#137 Jason Schmidt base: 0pts (what a disappointment this guy turned out to be)
#34 Mickey Mantle base: +2 (star list) -1 for being a damn Yankee = 1pt

#99 Dustin Mosely base: 0pts
#91 Delmon Young base: 0pts and another double
#111 Francisco Rodriguez chrome: 3pts

#78 Curt Schilling base: 0pts
#65 Mike Cameron base: 0pts
#159 Johan Santana base: 2pts

Pack 16 total: 6pts

Not the greatest pack ever, but certainly not my worst. I've somehow managed to avoid the Yankees (with the exception of Mantle, who is unavoidable in this set) for 2 packs in a row. I think that's the first time this has happened in Turk-Off history.

Just as I was about to push publish, the Orioles closed out their 5th win in a row! Nice going guys, and Luke Scott in particular. Matt Wieters didn't do anything at the plate, but did catch a great game. I'll bet the overrated talk begins in the local papers tomorrow.


  1. Mine is going up now. Another split so your still ahead by 2 packs.

    Your lack of Yankees infuriates me. Sometimes it feels like I got George Steinbrenner's personal box.

    The only Indian I've gotten so far is that Sizemore, I think.

  2. BTW, how do you know that Wieters caught a great game? Did he do something good, or did he just not let any of the really fast ones go by him?

    I wouldn't be surprised if there was overrated talk in the papers tomorrow either. Sportswriters can be ridiculous.