Thursday, May 28, 2009

Turk-Off Packs 9 & 10

Well, now that the Commish and I have put our little snafu behind us, it's time to get back to some good ol' pack rippin.


#36 Tadahito Iguchi base: 0pts
#173 Roger Clemens base: -1pt. I have an aunt who looks like Mr. Clemens. I'm not joking.

#119 Hideki Okajima base: 0pts
#4 John Maine base: 0pts
#180 Miguel Cabrera Ad Back SP: 8pts x 3 star list multiplier = 24pts!! Hell to the yeah!

#28 Alejandro De Aza base: 0pts
#42 Dice-K checklist: 0pts
#58 Carl Crawford base: 0pts

Total for pack 9: 23 points

That was pretty awesome, and I believe is our highest scoring pack thus far.

PACK 10:

#104 Eric Chavez base: -1pt. Not the best way to start off pack 10.

#46 Billy Wagner base: 0pts
#1 Ryan Howard base: 0pts
#181 Mark Teahen base: 0pts
#173 Roger Clemens Chrome Refractor: 5pts divided by 2 for being a member of the evilest of empires = 2.5pts

#8 Serving Up Strikes checklist: 0pts
#153 Andy LaRoche base: 0pts
#138 Shawn Green base: 0pts

Pack 10 total: 1.5pts

Well what do you know? I got screwed by another dirty cheater with this pack. To add insult to injury, said cheater also resembles my aunt, and plays for the Yankees.

I think Motherscratcher is going to have a tough time beating the 23pts I put up with pack 9, but only time will tell.


  1. Hald Time of the Cavs game. I'm about to jump off of a bridge. But before I did I wanted to see what you got.

    That Cabrera is awesome. There's no way I'm beating that. (Well I guess it's possible).

    As long as the kid isn't screaming I'll get to 9 + 10 after the game so it will go up late tonight. All signs are pointing to the continued logjammin' of the Turk Off.

  2. By the way, there really is a crapload of Yankees isn't there?

  3. Yeah, there really are a crapload of Yankees.

    I'm ready to post packs 11-12, but can wait till morning if you'll be held up.

    Go Cavs!