Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Turk-Off Packs 3 & 4

Pack 1- Beardy
Pack 2- Motherscratcher

#180 Miguel Cabrera base: 2pts

#90 Justin Morneau base: 0pts
#2 Dontrelle Willis base: 0pts
#132 Jamie Vermilyea base: 0pts
#TTR-SR Scott Rolen Relic: 10pts Now we're talkin! Not the best of hits, but should be enough to take the pack.

#3 Matt Cain base: 0pts
#148 Joe Nathan base: 0pts

Pack 3 total: 12 points. Score one for the bearded one!

#175 Lance Berman base: 0pts
#144 Jermaine Dye base: 0pts
#5 Cole Hamels base: 0pts
#105 Phil Hughes base: -1pt DAMN YANKEES!

#48 Prince Albert checklist: 0pts
#159 Johan Santana Chrome: 3pts x3 "major star list bonus"= 9pts

#16 Stand Up Double checklist: 0pts (Mother, if it makes you feel better, this card has Griffey Jr. on it)
#27 Roy Halladay base: 2pts

Pack 4 total: 11 points

Looks like I am the winner of both packs. Winners don't need to trash talk. Winners are above all of that. I am a winner.

Updated Scoreboard
Pack 1- Beardy
Pack 2- Motherscratcher
Pack 3- Beardy
Pack 4- Beardy


  1. I think I might disagree with your detective work there...ah...Beardy. Chrome cards are place squarely in the "Hits" column and Santana sure is a major star.

    I believe that "DLR" stands for "dealer" and that Johan Santana Chrome might be worth 9pts.


    OK, So you pulled a relic out of your ass and beat my formidable pack 3. I'm not scared.

  2. Truly a gentleman, even in the face of most certain defeat.

    My score has been updated, and I thank you kindly.

  3. Mojo,

    Are you threatening me?

    I still need your address to send out that Suzuki auto dude.