Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Holy Crap!

Adam Jones sure does look good this year, and tonight in his first 2 at bats, he went yard off of Ray's starter Andy Sonnastine. Jones already has 8 homers this year, and is on pace for a serious breakout season. He only hit 9 home runs all of last year, so he'll surely surpass that total in the next week or 2. He's added at least 10lbs of muscle since last season (hopefully the natural way), and has been a fantasy baseball beast for me so far this year. So far in the 2 weeks this blog has existed, you have seen and heard a lot about Nick Markakis (who is also a beast), so I figured it's about time to show off some of my Adam Jones cards. I don't have all that many, maybe 20, so everyone reading this should hurry up and email me so we can work out a trade for any Jones' you've got laying around.

First up is the only "1 of 1" in my entire collection. This was one of those off-season eBay bargains that I managed to score for a measly $17, which was well worth it. Obviously, it's a printing plate, and it's from 2008 Topps series 2. The corners are actually rounded, but that doesn't show up so well on this scan.

The second card featured is one of my best pulls from last year's releases. Allen & Ginter is one of the products responsible for my return to the hobby, and is still my favorite year after year. I've already started stashing some cash away for a few boxes when '09 is released. This is also the card that got me started on collecting Adam Jones specifically. Behold the Bazooka backed mini!

In closing, I would like to make it explicitly clear that I am interested in trading for any and all Adam Jones cards, especially those that feature him in orange and black.

I would also like to state that as of today, this blog has officially made it to the 2 week mark. To the one hater who voted "no" in the poll, I say IN YOUR FACE, and to all those who believed, I want to say thank you. Today I consider myself the luckiest blogger on the face of the earth.


  1. Your site has now been added to the Sports Card Blogroll.


    JayBee Anama

  2. Great cards! That was a good game as well.

  3. I lost money betting against you... BUT, I am glad you're still around.

  4. Nice Jones cards!!! I'll let you know if I pull any. Glad to see the kid is on a tear this year as he's was one of my fantasy team's late-round steals. Hope he keeps this up!!

    Still can't believe the Mariners gave him up for Bedard. Highway robbery.