Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Markakii Madness!

Not really, but it got you here, right? These are 2 more cards from my celebratory eBay shopping spree. I'm only waiting on 2 more after this, and will not be picking up any more individual cards for a while. I've been itchin to bust some wax, and will probably be picking up a box or 2, at the very least a couple of blasters. The problem is there's nothing out right now that I'm really high on, so they will probably be boxes from '07 or '08.

On with the show!

2003 Upper Deck Prospect Premier Nick Markakis Jersey

I overpaid for this card. Not that it matters too much to me, I'm psyched this card even allows me to be in it's presence. You see, unlike some collectors (and bloggers), I likes me some relic cards. This one states on the back that "this jersey was worn by Nick Markakis in an official Upper Deck photo shoot". I've spent the last 2 days trying to figure out whether that is lame, or awesome. At least it says he wore it, but a photo shoot?!? I at least hope it's from the photo featured on the card. If that's the case, then it's cool. He does have his jersey un-tucked, and didn't don the O's uniform in an official game until 2006. We're going to say this jersey swatch is actually from the photo that is on the card, if only to make me feel better about overspending.

2009 Upper Deck Piece of History Stadium Scenes Jersey

Any card featuring a view of baseball's most beautiful ballpark is a-ok with me. I've wanted this card from the moment I laid my baby blues on it, and at last, it is mine! This is of the non-numbered variety, and came very cheaply. There are versions of this card with patches & autos & serial numbers that sell for a lot more. Upper deck went a little overboard with the jersey relics in this set, if you ask me. There is a jersey, patch, & auto variety of every insert flavor, and it's frankly just absurd. This is my favorite of the inserts from this year's Piece of History, and it's really cool they included views of each players respective ballpark. The only way this card could be cooler is if it actually featured a photo from the player's point of view while standing in the batter's box. That way we could see what they see.

The poll closes tomorrow morning, and if you people want to see me and Motherscratcher go toe to toe in a dueling box break, I recommend you vote for 2006 Turkey Red to be the next box that I buy. That way I can publicly humiliate another blogger on the internets by crushing him in this silly little contest. We don't even know what the rules or criteria are yet, but one thing is crystal clear dear readers, and that is, to quote the famous orator Mike Tyson, "I am going to beat him into Bolivian".

*UPDATE- I just checked DA's website, and they no longer have any 2006 Turkey Red boxes. Looks like I'll have to check elsewhere. Anyone have any recommendations?


  1. an ebay seller has them here for $68 delivered.

  2. Great Cards! I really like the 2009 Upper Deck Piece of History Stadium Scenes Jersey