Saturday, May 30, 2009

Turk-Off Packs 17 & 18

Well, here we are. I am still winning by 2 packs, and after this there's only 6 to go. We each have a hit remaining in each of our respective boxes, and things could get real interesting at the end of this thing.

PACK 17:

#67 Ramon Hernandez base: 1pt

#25 Albert Pujols base: 2pts. Good start thus far.

#154 Trais Buck base: 0pts
#122 Roy Oswalt base: 0pts (and another double I think)
#185 Vladimir Guerrero chrome refractor: 5pts x 3(STAR) = 15pts. Definitely my best refractor pull of the entire Turk-Off.

#160 Ivan Rodriguez base: 0pts
#109 The Captain checklist: 0pts
#68 Chein-Ming Wang base: -1pt DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT!

Pack 17 total: 17pts

PACK 18:

#67 Chase Wright base: -1pt DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT!

#120 Manny Ramirez base: 0pts
#55 Josh Hamilton base: 0pts
#TRRRB2 Rocco Baldelli bat relic: 10pts. Gotta be honest, I'm not that thrilled about this card. It's a bat relic, which I don't have many of...but it's of a dude named Rocco.

#79 Curtis Granderson base: 0pts
#118 Hideki Matsui base: -1pt TOO MANY YANKEES!!!

#26 Frank Thomas base: 0pts. It's still weird seeing him in any uniform that's not a White Sox uniform.

Pack 18 total: 8pts

Leave it to those damn Yankees to ruin a pack which held my final hit of the box. It was what I consider to be a crappy hit, but a hit none the less. We'll have to see how Fatheritcher fares with his packs 17 & 18, but I would guess that we'll end up splitting these as well.

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  1. Vlad is a nice pull. We're getting some pretty good cards, relics notwithstanding.

    Yankees are even more infuriating now than they were before. It sucks losing a pack in which you pull a relic, doesn't it?