Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2009 Goudey Pack Break

Yesterday, I swung by the local Target, to pick up some TP (for my bunghole), and was forced to walk right past the card display to get there. Not buying retail is something I have been trying to do, since generally I never pull anything good, and am not a set collector (with the exception of A&G). For some reason I was unable to restrain myself, and picked up 2 packs of '09 Goudey. The box I pulled them from looked to have been opened fairly recently, and as per usual at Target, there were only a couple packs missing from the box. My Target has about 15-20 opened retail boxes at any given time, and each one of them is always missing just a pack or 2. Hmm... wonder why? I've never actually seen a pack searcher, and to me they're almost mythical creatures, but just like Sasquatch and Fairies, I know they exist because I've never, ever, ever gotten an auto or relic out of a retail loose pack. I imagine they look something like this, and if I ever catch one, I'll be sure to snap a fuzzy photo that can be analyzed to death like the Zapruder film.

Anyway, enough psycho-babble. Here is pack one:

Look at that face, LeBlanc indeed!

Both of the much maligned Yankee pitching prospects in this pack.

3 Yankees in one pack? This might just inspire a "why I hate Goudey" post...

That's all for pack one. Stay tuned for pack 2 coming up later today.

In unrelated news, as you may or may not know, Mr. Beardy is currently unemployed, since being laid off in January. While typing up this post, my phone rang, and I was offered a job somewhere that I interviewed last month! This means that I should be able to purchase more hobby boxes to bust for your viewing pleasure, and it also means that the government can stop paying my rent!

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