Saturday, May 30, 2009

Turk-Off Packs 21 & 22

Well wouldn't you know it? We're all tied up. This is really coming down to the wire, and my once comfortable lead has been chipped away. Looks like Fatheritcher may pull this one out after all, but only time will tell. I just might have something for him in the finale.

PACK 20:

#151 Grady Sizemore base: 3pts

#177 Kyle Kendrick base: 0pts
#163 Troy Tulowitzki base: 0pts and another double.
#108 Felix Pie base: 0pts (this guy can go back to Chicago as far as I'm concerned)
#10 Jimmy Rollins base: 0pts
#49 Brandon Inge base: 0pts
#35 Andy Pettitte base: -1pt (Petite, like a little girl)

#168 Hit Streak checklist: 0pts

Pack 21 total: 2pts

That pack was officially a stinker.

PACK 22:

#32 Andruw Jones base: 0pts
#9 Josh Beckett base: 0pts
#66 Chase Utley SP: 8pts (what an ugly SP)

#98 Doug Slaten base: 0pts
#84 Dan Uggla base: 0pts
#156 Travis Hafner base: 1pt

#61 Carlos Delgado base: 0pts
#86 David DeJesus base: 0pts

Pack 22 total: 9pts

Hopefully I can at least take pack 22. Unless my worthy adversary of an opponent really stinks it up with pack 21 he's probably got that one, and a temporary lead. This is really getting exciting!

Well, there's only 2 packs to go. I know everyone is on the edge of their seats anticipating a photo finish. The tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

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