Thursday, May 28, 2009

Turk-Off Packs 7 & 8

Well, after this, we'll be 1/3 of the way done. It takes patience to bust a box this slow, which is a virtue I do not possess. It's hard to tell what the score is at the moment, due to a pending ruling by the mighty and wise Commish on a curveball of an A-Rod card that no one was expecting. If the card is worth even 1 point, I am still winning by at least a pack, if it is ruled to be worth zero, then we're all knotted up at 3 packs a piece. I have to admit Fatheritcher has been a much more formidable opponent than I had anticipated. The dude's a dentist, and I wasn't expecting to possibly have my canals rooted in a Turk-Off.

In other news, the Mojo Hand has already challenged the winner to a similar battle to be named later, featuring a break of 2008 UD Timelines.


#115 Prince Fielder base: 0pts
#20 Alex "A-Roid" Rodriguez base: +2 major star base card, -1 for being a Stankee = 1pt

#142 Jered Weaver base: 0pts
#82 Dallas Braden SP: 8pts SWEET!

#87 David Eckstein base: 0pts
#49 Brandon Inge base: 0pts
#168 Hit Streak checklist: 0pts
#170 Hanley Ramirez base: 2pts



#12 Orlando Hernandez base: 0pts
#59 Carlos Beltran base: 0pts
#11 Kenji Johjima base: -1pt. He taunts me with that pointed finger, as if to say "you are going to lose this pack, ya jaggoff!"

#97 Don Kelly base: -1pt. Damn, back to back jacks. This sucks!

#41 Barry Zito base: 0pts
#62 Carlos Lee base: 0pts
#50 Jason Giambi base: -1pt DAMN YANKEES!

#131 Jose Jose Jose checklist: 0pts. You get a damn checklist in every pack. Lame Topps, just LAME.

PACK 8 TOTAL: -3pts

I think this is the first negative pack. I'm flattered that I could be the one to get it. This is really gonna help me win.

Hopefully the Commish rules soon, and decides to do the right thing, and honor the "star players" list, thus making my crappy A-Rod card worth 2pts.

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