Thursday, May 28, 2009

Apologies to the Commish

I want to publicly apologize to the Commish. I was shamelessly pandering for points, and caused a much bigger stink than originally intended.

I also want to go on the record and state that THIS card is CRAP!

I hated them in late 2007 when I first got back into collecting. and I hate them now. The Mantle and Bonds cards of the same general nature suck too. I would rather have 6 Kenji Johjima doubles (-6 points by the way) then have this card.

I disrespected the Commish, and am lucky he did not disqualify me from the Turk-Off, or suspend me for 2 packs. Thank you for your leniency sir. Even though my appeal was purely in jest, I realize that it made me look like an ass for trying to scam my way into some points for a card that everyone knows is absolutely worthless.

We are lucky to have the Commish watching over us, and keeping things fair. Making sure that jerks like me don't try and bend the rules for shameless personal gain.

Packs 9 & 10 will be coming up in the next few hours, so stay tuned to see if someone can actually pull away and start leading the charade that is the Turk-Off.


  1. You, sir, were toast. You very nearly went the way of Shoeless Joe and Buck Weaver who didn't even do anything. I've sent kids younger than you to the gas chamber. I felt like... I owed it to them.

    But the beard, the beard's a good kid. That beard shall go far. So I let ya off the hook.

    By the way if you want some consolation Orioles, you need to send me an address. You haven't sent me one already, have you? I'm so disorganized.

  2. Apologies to the Commish? Spineless. If it was me I would be refusing to continue until the entire matter was resolved through a panel of 7 like minded individuals who would be sequestered until such time as they can come to terms with the fact that the A-Rod Roid To victory set was a masterpiece.

    If you ask me, you didn't make a big enough stink.

  3. BTW, why are you kicking my ass so bad in your poll. Everyone thinks you're going to win.

    Does everyone know I live in Cleveland?

    I guess I haven't hidden that fact, have I?