Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Turk-Off Packs 1 & 2

It's on bitches!

#29 Alex Gordon base: 0pts
#143 Todd Helton Short Print: 8pts

#51 Brandon Webb: 0pts
#40 Chipper Jones: 0pts. Somehow this guy didn't make the major stars list. Dayf is gonna be pissed. I hope he'll still serve as Commish.
#149 Joe Smith: 0pts.
#92 Homer Bailey: 0pts
#44 Bill Hall: 0pts
#70 David Wright: 2pts

PACK 1 TOTAL: 10pts

#24 Akinori Iwamura: 0pts
#114 Gary Matthews: Jr. 0pts
#45 Billy Butler: 0pts
#35 Andy Pettitte Chrome: 3pts divided by 2 for being a damn Yankee = 1.5pts

#52 Brandon Wood: 0pts
#176 "Turning Two" checklist: 0pts
#53 "Swiping Second" checklist: 0pts
#57 Miguel Montero: 0pts

PACK 2 TOTAL 1.5pts

Well, pack 1 wasn't too shabby, thanks to that Helton SP. I'm not even sure why that card is short printed, but man am I glad it is. Pack 2 had our first "hit", a minor one at that. To add insult to injury, it HAD to be a Yankee, which cost me some points.

Fatheritcher, the gauntlet has been thrown. Bring it sissy!


  1. I just posted my first packs. Looks like we are tied so far. It's not like I thought I would sweep it, but I am a little disappointed to lose the shutout so soon...especially considering how badly your box will suck donkey balls.

    Face it dude, you're in way over your head.

  2. This is why I can't participate in one of these:

    I kept reading the point totals and going: "Opts? What is Opts?"

    (Light bulb on): "Oh! Zero points!"


  3. Opts for Chipper?!?!?!
    Do not anger him. He will come down there and lay the smack down. What he does is not called tea-bagging, but potato-sacking.
    You've been warned.

  4. Chipper Jones 0 pts, David Wright 2 pts??!??!

    flarn flarn filth, #$&^*!, notafinga, etc...

  5. That is correct, dayf, sir. Chipper zero, David 2. The world is in balance.