Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dear Andy McPhail

I would have written you sooner, but I was too busy puking in my mouth after watching yet another Adam Eaton start tonight. Everyone understands that this season is shaping up to be yet another one spent in the basement. I am sick and tired of hearing that next year will be "the year". We've been hearing that in Baltimore now for at least the past 5 years. Do you realize that the pitching staff you have assembled leads the league in home runs allowed? After tonight, the Orioles starting 5 will have surrendered 64 home runs. 64! We're only 40 games into the season for christ's sake! Do you not realize that we have this guy,

this guy,

and this guy

who are all top 50 prospects, and in our farm system RIGHT NOW! If this season is already a wash, at least call up some of our so-called pitching "studs" and let them learn on the job a little bit. Please, I beg of you, give the fans something to actually watch for because Adam Eaton and Mark Hendrickson just aren't cutting it. You just may be on to something with Rich Hill, which would be great, but that still only gives us 3 decent pitchers. Koji has been awesome, so props to you for that one. Guthrie is clearly no one's ace, but is definitely a respectable 2 or 3. This is the second post like this I've had to write about you in less than a month. I don't want to hate you, like so many in Baltimore already do. I know your father was a GM genius, and that you are no slouch yourself, but come on man! You're killing me over here. Don't even get me started on Weiters! If he isn't behind the plate by at least the second week of June, expect us to have another one of these little "talks". You've already done a couple of things right this year, like abandoning the Felix Pie experiment, and calling up Nolan Reimold, who was crushing the ball in AAA. Please, I beg of you, call up the other kids, and make watching the Orioles fun again. I can deal with the losses, I think we all can, but we cannot deal with Adam Eaton getting rocked every 5th day when it's obvious there are better options available. Do what your father did, and restore Baltimore to it's rightful place in the annals of baseball.



*UPDATE- The afternoon after I wrote this, Adam Eaton was released. Thanks for listening Mr. McPhail!


  1. it would cost too much to bring them up (and Wieters) right now. They'll lose a year off their arbitration... IF you see them, it'll be later in the year.

  2. This season seems to be done. There's just no way they can compete in that division now. So, I agree that they have to bring up some of the talent, if only to see if they actually are major league talents, or just minor league heros like Andy Marte seems to have been.

    There are 2 good reasons to wait. One, like Canuck said, would be the arbitration issue. I think that's what kept Longoria in the minors so long last year.

    The other is that you have to be careful how many innings you put on minor league arms. There is no reason not to wait another month if you don't want to put more than 150-170 innings max on their arms at this point.

    By the way, I think McPhail is a tremendous slouch.

  3. Maybe it was Jay Bruce last year. Maybe both. I can't remember.

  4. I know with Weiters, arbitration is only an issue until the end of this month. Not sure about the pitchers. Angelos is so cheap, who cares if it costs him more money in the long run. At least it'll put asses in the seats.

  5. Looks like Neyer's been reading your blog, dude.