Saturday, May 30, 2009

Turk-Off Packs 23 & 24 - The Finale

I just saw Motherscratcher's final pack. He was indeed a worthy adversary, and I have to admit that he has me beaten. He got me with a black refractor of my favorite player no less. It would really sting, if he hadn't of already mentioned that he'll be sending it my way shortly. The sting of defeat is definitely dulled by the fact that I know that a card I really want, and have been chasing for a while is heading my way. Here are my packs anyway.

PACK 23:

#95 Derek Jeter base: 1pt (enough with the effin Yankees cards already!)

#126 J.D. Drew base: -1pt (Damn you J.D.!)

#15 Ichiro base: 0pts
#100 Gary Sheffield base: 0pts
#119 Hideki Okajima chrome black refractor #36/99: 10pts (We should have made these worth more points)

#80 Craig Biggio base: 0pts
#167 Mickey Mantle base: 1pt

#161 Trevor Hoffman base: 0pts

Pack 23 total: 11pts

I landed a black refractor of my own. If it were Sizemore, justice would truly have been served. Instead, it's a Red Sox reliever, who isn't even all that great. I'm sure someone will want to trade for this card (anyone?)

PACK 24:

#85: Danny Putnam base: 0pts
#107 Mickey Mantle base: 1pt (yawn)

#38 Tim Hudson base: 0pts
#125 Michael Young base: 0pts
#60 Mariano Rivera base: -1pt (ironic that my last Yankee is the closer)

#TRP11 James K. Polk: +5pts x 2 (Polk) = 10pts (touche, Motherscratcher! I can't believe that we each got one of the only 2 Pres cards on the multiplier list)

#145 Jim Thome base: 0pts
#96 Derrek Lee base: 0pts

Pack 24 total: 10pts

A decent finish, but unfortunately not enough. Even though we're ending this thing tied as far as the pack count goes, Motherscratcher has got me beat in the tiebreaker, which is total point count. This sadly ends the inaugural edition of the mighty Turk-Off, and I want to congratulate the victor. Maybe I got cocky having the lead for so long, and brought this upon myself, but more than likely it is fates way of teaching me a lesson about black refractors. To get the one you truly want, sometimes you have to take a big whiff the foul smell that is defeat.

You can assume from my tone that I did not pull a Dick Perez auto'd cabinet card. My cabinet card is lame. I probably won't even scan it, but I will tell you it's of Michael Young.

Game. Set. Match. Motherscatcher. Justice has been served.

At least my beard still reigns supreme.

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  1. You lost, but you did get Napoleon of the Stump!

    (and the beard poll was rigged)