Friday, May 1, 2009

09' Upper Deck POH

Went to the card shop this morning, to pick up some thicker top-loaders for the Finest cards I pulled yesterday, and had to pick up a few packs of something while I was there. For me, going to the card shop is what I would imagine it's like for a heroin addict wandering through a poppy field. Anyway, after thoroughly looking over what was available, I decided to go with Piece of Shitstory, since it was the only product I hadn't opened much of this year. Picked up 4 packs, and scanned 2 cards from each one for your perusal.

Without further ado....

Pack 1: Alex Gordon base, Historical Moments- X-ray invented, Josh Roeicke RC base, Historical Moments- Microwave Invented, Alcides Escobar base, and these 2 cards:

I don't know about you, but I take comfort in the fact that there was a Man Ram in this pack. After all, he's just being himself.

Pack 2: Chien-Ming Wang and his 54.00 ERA base, Derrek Lee base, Greg Golson RC green parallel #'d to 150, Juan Miranda RC base, Historical Moments- D-day Invasion, and...

Timmy! I really like this kid's style, and his MLB 2k9 commercial is hilarious. The Peavy is #'d to 999 (woo-hoo?)

Pack 3: Roy Halladay base, Historical Moments- Brooklyn Bridge, Lou Marson RC base, The Rock/Muppet spawn Derek Jeter base, Michael Young base, and...

Not sure why I picked the McDonald, the other card however, I chose because it's awesomely nerdy. That thing looks like the solar-powered car kids build as a science project in the 7th grade. Definitely doesn't look like something that would survive on Mars, but if they filmed "Space Jam" there, I guess anything is possible.

Pack 4: Brandon Phillips base, Ryan Doumit base, Historical Moments- USA Enters WWII, Josh Geer RC base, Garrett Atkins base and the most evil card I have ever seen:

It states on the back that the "Grand Old Party" was founded in the early 1850's. What I want to know is if that's the case, why didn't they use this image, taken by famous photographer Matthew Brady in 1853? What I find interesting is that the Republicans used to be the party that stood AGAINST discrimination, in the days of slavery. Oh how times have changed...

There was one more card in pack 4

I almost didn't post it because his name is such a shameless marketing ploy... and he's a Yankee.

Overall, not too shabby, but I only say that because of the Coke® auto. This set isn't terrible, but the design is a little un-inspired in my opinion, and too closely resembles last year's set. They also had a fresh box of Goudey at the card shop, and the fact that I opted for these instead should tell you all you need to know about how I feel about this year's Goudey release, and it's design.

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