Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Starting My New Job Today!

After 4 long months of unemployment, I am starting my new job this morning. You'd think I'd be excited, which I am, but I'm also nervous, and a little freaked out. One gets used to not having commitments, and while I mostly complained about it since there were some serious moments of boredom, in some weird way, I'll actually miss it. It figures a week after I finally have the sense to start my own blog, I find a job which will probably curtail my posting a bit. I have every intention of keeping this going, and hope that all of you will continue to read.

To celebrate my new job, I've gone on a bit of an ebay shopping spree, and as the cards trickle in, expect scans and a post about each. Some of the cards are quite old, and some rather new, but they are all awesome, and I can't wait to share. 2 of them I was inspired to purchase by my "Wish List Card" posts, but that's all I'll tell you for now.

In the meantime, I gotta get ready for work. Man, it feels weird to say that, but oh so good at the same time.


  1. Congratulations and consolations...

  2. Woooooo job! Nice to see people getting hired.

  3. The Bums lost, Beardy!

    Congratulations, It's good to see someone doing what their parents did.

    In the words' of Lazlo Hollyfeld: "I'm happy and sad for you."

    I really hope you keep the blog rolling.

  4. Damn, I should have gone with: "Beardy, you're young and you have your health. What do you want with a job?"

    Let's pretend I said that instead.

    That is all.

  5. thanks for the support everyone! working still sucks, but you know, i gotta feed the monkey (literally).

  6. Your blog is suffering since you got your job. You should quite.....