Friday, May 1, 2009

Final Thoughts on Finest

As you may have seen yesterday, I posted my first box break, which was of this year's Topps Finest release. Overall I was pretty pleased with the results, and this set gets solid marks from me all around. This is my first experience with any Finest release, so I can't personally compare it to past years, but the design is solid in my opinion. I think my 2 favorite things are the team accent colors on the sides of each card, and the fact that each card has a trivia question on the back. Baseball trivia is never a bad thing, and makes this set fun, along with attractive.

Here is a trivia question courtesy of Topps Finest:

Which ironically named individual was the visiting manager in MLB's first Sunday night game?
a. Moonlight Graham
b. Harry Bright
c. "Sunny" Jim Bottomley
d. Alvin Dark

Each master box comes with a rookie redemption card, and I happened to pull #2.

I redeemed it yesterday on the Topps website, and as of now it is scheduled to arrive no later than 8/13/09. The players to be featured on these cards have not been released as of yet, but I for one am holding out hope that #2 will be Orioles pitcher Koji Uehara, or maybe even Matt Wieters, whose name clearly follows the "i" before "e" rule.

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