Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2009 Goudey Pack Break 2

Here is the second retail pack out of the searched Target box:

Nick Swisher has an idea! That's his epiphany face. He's thinking "something isn't right here, why am I still in this uniform!" Nick, you make a good point.

Here's one of those 4-in-1 thingamajigs, this one featuring players from both New York teams. Look at Jeter's face!

Looks like he's trying to push out a turd! Don't give yourself an aneurysm dude!

Saved the best card for last, and to me, the best card is always an Oriole.


  1. I could use that Kila RC in our next trade. I'm still on the fence on this set... they're beautifuly ugly, it that makes any sense. I'm just not sure if I can drop the cash on a 'meh' set when Topps S2, UD S2, and A&G are around the corner.

  2. You know, it's not just the wax figure faces, but also the blank backgrounds. These cards are spooky.