Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Box Has Been Ordered

Unfortunately, it was not 2006 Turkey Red. Instead, I ordered a hobby box of 2007 Turkey Red from DA, and along with it got 3 hobby packs of 2006 Turkey Red as well. I shopped around, and could not justify spending more money than DA was charging for the '06 product, when they did have it in stock. I was able to get the '07 box, and the 3 packs, for almost $20 less than an '06 box would have cost me, especially since no one else offers free shipping like DA does.

I know 2007 Turkey Red is inferior to the two previous year's releases. The autos aren't on-card, and the hits are craptastic, but I've already started building this set, and may as well attempt to finish it up.

I hope you'll still come back and check out the break. Me and Motherscratcher may still be able to work out some criteria for a "Turk-Off", since he already has a box of '06 in hand. It could be even more interesting to see the different years go head to head. Hopefully, I don't end up with a Daryle Ward bat card as my "hit" like dayf, or Motherscratcher will clearly defeat me. Only time will tell, and I expect the box to arrive early next week.

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