Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wish List Card #10

Yes, it's another Buffalo Bill card again. If you're sick and tired of my borderline obsession with his cards, I suggest you stop reading right now. Before you do though, would you stay if I told you this is only an ALMOST Wish List Card?

What we've got here is a very tiny pic of Upper Deck's Goodwin Champions "Buffalo" Bill Cody relic card. This card could have been incredibly awesome, and is limited to just 5 copies. I say COULD have been incredibly awesome because Upper Deck has a shot to deliver on some serious wild west memorabilia here. Instead, they sort of struck out, at least in my opinion. This card could have featured a swatch of leather from Buffalo Bill's holster, or a piece of clothing or saddle blanket, but instead, this card features a piece of wood from a chair reported to have resided in Cody's home. Not exactly earth shattering, but a card I would still love to own.

It's Fantasy Football Championship Sunday, and I have the privilege of of playing for two titles today. It should be interesting to say the least, with the absolute potential for heartbreak. The past 24 hours have been spent agonizing over my lineup. Peyton Manning has guided my team to a 14-2 record, but there are some doubts this week that he will play a full four quarters. Some people are saying he might not even play two. Even if he does play it's against the Jets #1 ranked pass defense. Ol' Cup O' Joe Flacco is on my bench, and I know he's gonna play the whole game. My Ravens face the Steelers this week in what should be the most physical game in the history of professional football. In the end, I decided to leave my heart out of this, and stick by my boy Peyton. There's money on the line, money which would ultimately translate to at least one box break.

Wish me luck!


  1. That reminds me, is the Billy Ripken FF card still on your wish list??? Let me know...

  2. Incredibly sick card. I am down with Wild West Memorabilia.

    I am also in two championship today, and one third place game. Best of luck to you.

  3. Hey, did you ever get the Cody mini or base? I know i had one or the other, but if you need it let me know.

    My #1 seeded team went down the drain in the semis this week when Tom Brady outdueled my Drew Brees and his Cowboy defense blanked the Skins. I guess at least I should be happy that my QB played the entire game, that Indy game was bull.