Wednesday, December 16, 2009

'08 Upper Deck Masterpieces 2 Box Break & Review

Along with the box of Topps 206 which was reviewed last week, I also got one retail, and one hobby box of 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces. Since the retail box was one of the all-day specials they ran on Black Friday, and since I had already ordered the 206, decided to throw that and the hobby version on to my order, in an attempt to qualify for free shipping. Basically, for $50 I am able to bust 2 boxes worth of Masterpieces. I've had grand delusions of maybe taking a shot at building this set, so it seemed like a good idea at the time.

First up is the retail box. Pretty standard procedure here, 24 packs per box, with each pack holding 4 cards. The whole 4 cards per pack thing is probably the biggest knock on Masterpieces, since it takes 647 packs to actually complete the 120 card base set, thanks to there being 30 short prints. I did not pull a single double out of this retail box, and was able to score 4 short prints, 3 framed parallels, and a jersey relic. Not too bad for $9.99, but these boxes were right around $50 at time of release. Ouch.

As usual, the base set looks incredible, and the canvas-textured card stock looks as good as it feels.
#104 Rod Carew SP
As you will see later, I also pulled this card from the hobby version.

#103 Jack Morris SP

#101 Cal Ripken Jr. SP

#107 Lou Brock SP

#42 Andruw Jones

#115 Roberto Clemente

#32 Justin Verlander #'d 57/125

A very nice looking card that looks even better with the navy blue frame.

#CC-RZ Ryan Zimmerman relic
At least it's not a plain, white swatch and at least it's of a player I like.

For $10, that was a great break. 4 short prints, a numbered parallel and a game-used relic for the price of a blaster. I really like the framed parallels, and think it would be cool to try and complete the black framed set. You'd really have to be insane to attempt it, but I imagine it would feel great to finish that, and you'd have a fine looking set to show off. Hmm...

Now it's time to move on to the second box of this break. The hobby version of 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces offers up 12 packs per box, each holding 6 cards. Between the two boxes, I pulled a mind-boggling total of 58 doubles. Yes, you read that correctly, 58 freakin' doubles! With the base set only being 120 cards, 30 of which are short printed, doubles are unavoidable. The good news is that these 2 boxes left me only 6 cards shy of the 90 card short set.

Each Masterpieces hobby box guarantees one autograph and/or one relic card per box (on average). My box could most certainly be considered "on average", but you'll have to wait until later to find out just how average it was.

Short prints are seeded 1:2 packs, and as such, my box delivered 6 of them. Unfortunately, 3 of them are dupes from the retail break.

#117 Stan Musial SP

#94 Ryne Sandberg SP

#112 Mike Schmidt SP

#101 Cal Ripken Jr. SP (double)
I didn't mention it earlier, but this is an ugly painting of Cal.

#103 Jack Morris SP (double)

#104 Rod Carew SP (double)
Happy Hanukkah Mr. Carew!

Of the 6 framed parallels in this box, 4 were black, one was red, and one was surprisingly brown, and low numbered.

#83 Ozzie Smith

#72 Bill Mazeroski

#106 Don Mattingly

#77 Jake Peavy

#102 Nolan Ryan

#68 Rich Harden #'d 10/10
One of the lowest numbered cards I have ever pulled. Too bad it's of Rich Harden.

#CC-AJ Andruw Jones relic

There's been far too much of this guy in these 2 breaks. A Braves photo on a Dodgers card, and a plain white swatch. It doesn't get much worse than that. This card would be ideal for leveling the legs on that wobbly table in the den.

#SG-BC Clay Buchholz autograph
Nice card, crappy signature. He hurled a no-no vs. the Orioles in '07, and for that, I still hold a grudge. This card is for trade.

Final Beardometer rating:

Whether it's the 2007 or 2008 variety, Upper Deck Masterpieces is a generally affordable and fun box to break, and a nice set to collect. The base set is absolutely gorgeous, and all autographs are on-card, which makes an already affordable product even more appealing. I am officially going to attempt completion of not only the base set, but the black framed base set as well. If you have any for trade, please contact me. My lazy behind will get a want list up at some point, hopefully in the next few days.

Stay tuned later this week for another box break and review. This time it'll be the kick to the nards that is Topps Unique.


  1. Ooo that Ryan Zimmerman jersey is pretty nice lookin, and so is that Don Mattingly green border. I wish I had gotten up for black friday sales.

  2. Buchholz's autograph annoys the heck out of me. I started collecting his cards due to the fact that I was at the no-hitter. I wanted at least one auto for my collection, but they all looked terrible. I ended up just going for the cheapest one possible since it is a ridiculous scribble. Now it looks like Mr. Z B Y could be on his way to San Diego so I'm glad that I didn't go overboard on his cards.

  3. Ryan Zimmerman me likely!!! would you trade??

  4. Beardy, are you sure that brown isn't #ed to 100?

    I was looking in my beckett for that parallel (I highly enjoy the Masterpieces set) and none of the parallels are numbered to 10.

    I hope not, for your sake, but I think it may be to 100 :(

  5. Anthony, I'm certain it's #'d out of 10. Maybe it's considered to be the gold parallel, and not the brown?

    Beckett could be wrong I guess. Stranger things have happened.

  6. It is out of 10, Beckett sucks at actually listing everything.

  7. That Ripken double is the last card I need to complete the set. Trade?

  8. Jeepers Creepers that's swell stuff. You got a ton on the retail box too. I've been getting one black framed and one game used consistently. What the duce is going on?

  9. Stroke of Genius is one of the best-designed auto cards ever. It even trumps Clay's lame attempt at a sig.

  10. I really like Masterpieces. Not as much as Turkey Red, but still. Maybe I'll get some retail to bust.

  11. I command you to use that Jones card to level the wobbly table in the den. I can't think of a more suitable punishment for everyone concerned.

  12. Expect an open trade offer real soon in your email. I got some stuff.

  13. Buchholz ... GAH! Me likey me likey!