Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ho Ho Holiday Contest Entries (For Real This Time)

I want to start out by saying that ALL of these entries are absolutely incredible. When I announced this contest a month or so ago, I would have been impressed if 5 people had entered. After all, it wasn't the kind of contest for everyone. You had to be creative, and make something. You had to not be self-conscious about your creative skill level (or lack thereof). Never did I ever think that 12 people would enter, and as a result, this contest will likely return for next year as well. Don't forget to vote for your favorite card in the poll that can be found on the right sidebar. Let's get to the entries, shall we?

First up is Omega Cardboard, who went above and beyond the call of duty by actually hand-making a card, and mailing it to me. I am now the proud owner of an O-Pee-Chee Santa Claus relic autograph card. I really like how Santa's signature incorporates a Christmas tree to cross the "t". I also like the Upper Deck appropiate chipping on the relic window. Classic!
Here is a scan of the back. You can never have too many fuzzy hat relics, especially ones that are one of a kind.

Next up to bat is Condition:Poor, who made a most excellent fold out card. Just like Omega Cardboard, Slangon also put in the extra time and effort to manufacture his card, and mail it to me. This card may score some extra points with me for being so well put together. Here is a scan of the front, when the card is closed:
Here is the back, while the card is closed:
Here is the front once the flaps have been folded outward. You'll most definitely want to click this photo to view it full-sized. There's a relic in there, one that mildly offended me.
Here is the back view of the card while it's open. Once again, click it to truly appreciate the details, and read each story.

Next up is a card submitted by reader Alec. I'm not sure if Alec has a blog or not, and if he does, he should let me know, so I can post a link. Alec submitted a New Year's themed Then & Now card, which is extremely sound of concept.

Not to be outdone by Alec, GCRL also submitted a New Year's themed card, and this one has some mojo to it. Dual auto mojo to be exact. I love it how Father Time's signature is shaky. The guy is quite old, so it only makes sense. On the other hand, Baby New Year's signature makes me think that he thinks he's Chris Johnson or something. What a great card!

Thorzul submitted this next card, entitled "How the Lynch Stole Christmas". The expression on his face is perfect, and this card is pure comedic brilliance. Out of all the cards featured this far, this one is the simplest, but it's so hilarious that it doesn't even matter. Oh, and the whole play on words thing is great too. Nice work Thorzul!

Next up is a 2009 Topps Heritage Chrome Festivus card submitted by Jeremy of No One's Going To Read This Blog. This is yet another great looking card with a an equally great concept. I laughed out loud the first time I saw it, which was a fairly common theme throughout this contest. Wanna know what's better than the front of this card? It's the back! Excellent work indeed, sir.

Our next entry is one of the main reasons the contest deadlines had to be stretched a little bit. Dayf, being the procrastinating legend that he is decided to email me on the 18th and ask if entries had to be postmarked by the 20th, or mailed by the 20th. It was the first time anyone had asked me, and I wanted as many entries as possible, so an exception was made for Mr. Cardboard Junkie. It'll definitely not work in his favor when judgment day arrives, but that might not matter much anyway, since his entry is pretty solid. I waited this long to post, and yet today Dayf's card still didn't arrive. You'll have to judge his entry based on these crummy cell phone pics, at least for now.
The back is classic Dayf, and also made me giggle.

Let's move along to our next entry which was submitted by Rod of Padrographs fame. So far this is only our second Santa card, and Rod has chosen to depict Santa as a Player/Manager, which is pretty cool. I imagine you'd have to be pretty fast to track down fly balls in those boots. Please click on the image to view it full-sized. Blogger is lame when it comes to image sizing.

SpastikMooss of The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame submitted this most excellent Topps Heritage Pablo Santaval card. I hope my beard gets white like when I get old. That way when retirement finally arrives, I'll be able to make some side cash as a mall Santa during the holiday season. Could Topps have made that rookie card logo any bigger. Geez! This is yet another card that made me LOL, and I find it quite clever.

This next entry is most certainly an attempt at brown-nosery. It was sent in my reader Mark W., and depicts yours truly as some sort of Santa Claus. Beardy Claus to be exact. Yet another card that cracked me up. You guys are killin' me!

Up next is a card submitted by 2008 Allen & Ginter Cardscape that I am quite fond of. It draws it's theme from the famous Christmas carol "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer", and models it's design after my favorite insert of 2009, the Topps Propaganda Posters from Updates & Highlights.
Is that Mimi from the Drew Carey Show?

Finally, and last but not least is a wonderful card submitted by Mark's Ephemera. He also decided to do a tri-fold card, and since he was the first one to submit his entry, technically beat Condition:Poor to the punch. Mark also tried his hand at suck-upery by designing an Orioles card. In this case, it works out in his favor since this card also delivers a sound concept. It's a play on the famous Charles Dickens tale, A Christmas Carol. Nice work Mark!
Here's a look at the back. Just like all the rest, please click on the image to view it at full size.

There you have it, all 12 entries. It's going to be very tough to pick a winner with so many great designs to choose from. As I said earlier, the fact that 12 people took the time to enter my silly little contest is totally awesome! There's some real nice stuff here people, and I thank you for it, especially those who sent a physical card in as their entry. You've given me some of the rarest cards I own. Please don't forget to vote in the poll for you think is the winner of the Ho Ho Holiday Contest. Polls will remain open until Sunday afternoon, and the winners will be announced not long after that. Even though your vote alone will not decide the winner it does matter, so be sure to select your favorite.


  1. Not to shoot myself in the foot, and draw attention to another entry other than my own, but.....That Dual Signers by GCRL is great. (o:

  2. They all look great! I don't know which is my favorite.

  3. Ahhhh...this is great! Everyone did such a wonderful job. Very funny and creative!

  4. I'm humbled and honored to be included in such august company. Nice work, everyone.

  5. Like others have mentioned, they are all so great. It is a tough choice picking. A lot of creativity and craftsmanship.

  6. Very tough choice...great job to all involved!

  7. Wow, very impressive. Why do you all make it so difficult to choose????

  8. Too funny, great job everyone!!

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    "Have a fantastic holiday"

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    'Management Team'

  10. Great creativity here - hard to vote for just one. Impressed to see two fold outs!

  11. Wow, there were some really great designs. It's hard to vote.

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