Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Turk-Off 2 Packs 9-12

It is time for the bearded one to mount a comeback. Let's see if packs 9-12 agree with that sentiment.

#625 Nick Markakis FAVORITE ORIOLE +5 points
#559 Edwin Encarnacion
#319 Daniel Cabrera ORIOLE +2 points
#336 Mike Sweeney
#430 David Ortiz RED +2 points
#606 Ryan Zimmerman STAR ROOKIE +2 points
#596 Ryan Spilborghs
#475 Michael Young

PACK 9 TOTAL: 11 points

#424 Tom Glavine
#323 Cliff Floyd
#322 Mark Kotsay
#361 Frank Thomas WHITE +5 points
#518 Andy Pettitte RED +2 points
#581 Nolan Ryan RETIRED PLAYER +2 points
#566 Brandon Phillips
#463 Mike Lowell

PACK 10 TOTAL: 9 points

#328 Orlando Hudson
#537 Alex Rios
#567 Shawn Chacon YANKEE -1 point
#513 Mike Mussina RED YANKEE +1 point
#375 Derrek Lee SHORT PRINT +5 points
#436 Brad Lidge
#447 Edgar Renteria
#427 Ronnie Belliard TRIBER +2 points

PACK 11 TOTAL: 7 points


#359 Javier Lopez ORIOLE +2 points (somehow wasn't scanned, but trust me)
#604 Sean Marshall
#597 Chuck James
#556 Willy Taveras
#552 Juan Pierre WHITE +5 points
#453 Jake Westbrook RED TRIBER +4 points
#519 Wily Mo Pena
#TRA-BM Brian McCann RED AUTOGRAPH #366/475 +25 points
#522 Juan Pierre

PACK 12 TOTAL: 36 points

I'm bringin it now! Being able to close the gap here would be nice, and I'm hoping for at least 3 packs out of 4, if not a clean sweep. We've never had a clean sweep in the history of the Turk-Off. It would take a considerable amount of luck for it to work out for me, but it's not unreasonable. Only time will tell. For now, I feel better knowing my numbers are once again respectable.


  1. I have 9-12 bust. Going to scan them now. We'll see how it turns out, but those are very intimidating Turk Off scores.

    Ryan's stirrups are friggin awesome. That should be a bonus.

  2. HOLD THAT MCCANN. I'm scrounging for Orioles this weekend. I might go friggin buy an Oriole Auto just to trade it for that McCann.