Thursday, December 3, 2009

Turk-Off 2 Packs 17-20: A New Hope

Well. there you have it. I have come from behind, and now hold a slight lead. Motherscratcher already gave me a heads up, and let me know he has some "cool stuff" coming up, which most likely means a second consecutive loss for the Beardmaster. I already know for a fact there's nothing "cool" left in my box. That beautiful McCann on-card auto was about as "cool" as this box would get.

Will I get Jeffrey Maier'ed like it's 1996, or can this lead hold up? There's only 8 packs to go, and four of them are already here.

#495 Carl Everett
#373 Carl Crawford
#580 Jeter Steals Third Checklist YANKEE -1 point
#408 Jamie Moyer
#414 Jon Lieber RED +2 points
#514 Mike Cameron
#526 Jeff Kent
#326 C.C. Sabathia TRIBER +2 points

PACK 17 TOTAL: 3 points


#428 Dmitri Young
#454 Miguel Cabrera
#442 Jose Lopez
#355 Adam Dunn BLACK +10 points
#403 J.D. Drew RED +2 points
#521 Ervin Santana SHORT PRINT +5 points (nothing like getting a short print double in the same box. At least I need the points)
#560 Vernon Wells
#568 Gary Carter RETIRED PLAYER +2 points

PACK 18 TOTAL: 19 points


#563 Steve Finley
#327 Oliver Perez
#574 Breaking Up Two Checklist
#528 Joe Crede WHITE +5 points
#396 Jack Wilson RED +2 points
#TRR-CBA Clint Barmes BASE RELIC +8 points
#362 Mark Loretta

PACK 19 TOTAL: 15 points

#371 Ivan Rodriguez
#600 Val Majewski ORIOLE +2 points
#530 David Wright
#623 Kenji Johjima
#433 Brian McCann RED +2 points
#468 Curtis Granderson
#366 Reggie Sanders
#331 Paul Konerko

PACK 20 TOTAL: 4 points

I think things should remain as they are after this round, with me still clinging to a one pack lead. I just saw Motherscratcher's post, and initially thought I was in big trouble. Thank goodness for short prints!

Stay tuned for the finale! If memory serves me well, I'm going to need as much of a lead as I can get, because the last 4 packs are pretty lame in the points department.


  1. Cool stuff, darn Barmes is in every box of this stuff!

  2. Yeah, Barmes was my auto.

    Neck and neck coming down the homestretch. Just the way a Turk Off should be.

    I'll post my last 4 later today.