Saturday, December 26, 2009

Of Turk-Offs, Law Breaking & Drunkeness

Precisely a week before Christmas there was a blizzard predicted to blanket the mid-Atlantic region with between one and two feet of snow. Predictions were correct, and last Friday night, it started snowing at my house. The good news is that last Friday afternoon a box arrived from Motherscratcher. It was my Turk-Off 2 winnings, and arrived in the nick of time.

I'll start with what was clearly the highlight of the package:
Yeah, that's right, Motherscratcher sent me a six-pack. Not just any six pack. This stuff is like 7.5% alcohol! What Motherscratcher doesn't know is that he is now a criminal, and I am outing him. You see my friends, it is ILLEGAL to send alcohol through the mail to Maryland. Way to commit a felony dude. It really means a lot to me that you go to such great lengths to ensure that I would not be without the proper libations during such a time of need as blizzard. If they have internet access from prison, maybe you'll post more often.

Packing up this six-pack for shipping was clearly a labor of love, as each bottle was individually bubble-wrapped and placed in a Ziploc freezer bag, which was also once again bubble wrapped. It certainly appears that Motherscratcher has done this before, and is most definitely not an amateur. Wouldn't that also make him a repeat offender?

As if an unexpected sixer the day of the biggest snowstorm in the past 5 years wasn't enough, Motherscratcher also sent over a few great cards, and some random packs, which has become his modus operandi. If you've ever traded with him, surely you catch my drift.

2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear Derrick Mason Player Timeline #'d /500

2009 Topps 206 Nick Markakis Old Mill relic
This completes my Markakis 206 framed relic rainbow. You haven't seen the Polar Bear framed version yet, but you shall. Oh yes... you shall.

2009 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection Nolan Reimold rookie autograph
Shweeeeet! As if the Markakis relic wasn't already enough. Reimold put together a pretty solid rookie campaign, after playing his way onto the team with a strong spring season. Whether or not he is "the truth" will largely be determined by his performance next year.

In amongst the pile of old Stadium Club and Fleer Ultra packs that Motherscratcher sent me, were a few packs of '08 Stadium Club retail. I ripped the first one, and found this puppy waiting for me inside, begging to be redeemed.

Thanks a lot for one of the most excellent and timely packages in the history of mail service, Motherscratcher. I enjoyed the Great Lakes Christmas Ale very much, but I do have a question for you. Is it normal to walk into walls and stuff after you drink it?



  1. The walking into walls after drinking it means it's the good stuff, doesn't it?

  2. Hey beardy, You still haven't sent me your address for some cards I got coming your way including one AWSOME goodwin B. Roberts mini black printing plate numbering 1/1 ! and of course for my xmas gift I get a box of T206 and Mayo's and would'nt you know as FN usual one of my hits is of course an Orioles Player! At this point I'm starting to get suspicious of you and how you are doing this to me and why? ( have I hurt you in any way to deserve getting a Orioles hit in every box I open?) LOL but I will find out soon! anyway I now have a Markikas Piedmont framed relic let me know if you have it or want me to send it your way. Grant