Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cards From Night Owl Cards

A little while back Night Owl sent me a bundle of O's. As the blogosphere's greatest Gregs, we trade fairly regularly, and no one has benefited more from my year long stretch of Dodgers hits than he has. Night Owl isn't a big box breaker, so he doesn't have the crazy hits to trade away. That doesn't really matter much to me because what he does have is a lifetime's worth of cards to trade away, and every package is sure to include a couple of awesome cards that weren't previously in my collection. This package was a pretty typical Night Owl offering, and I enjoyed every minute spent thumbing through each card in the pile.

1986 True Value Hardware Eddie Murray
Holy crap this is the coolest Eddie Murray card ever in the history of time! I've never seen a True Value cards before. Before opening Night Owl's package, I didn't even know they made cards. There might not be a logo, but that is more than compensated for by the mutton chopiosity, and afrotude of Eddie.

1993 Upper Deck Randy Milligan
Mooooooooooooose! Milligan was my favorite Oriole for a little while in the early 90's. He took over at first after Eddie left town, and struggled to fill the void. I think almost anyone would ahve struggled to fill that void, so Moose shouldn't take it personally.

Night Owl also sent me a bunch of 1978 Topps cards. I've been thinking about spending most of 2010 building old team sets, and this, combined with a bunch of other cards I've received in trades, is a nice start to the '78 set.

1978 Topps Earl Weaver

1978 Topps Mark Belanger

1978 Topps Ken Singleton

1978 Topps Dave Skaggs
I would regret not making a snide comment about Dave Skaggs. Just look at him! Is there any doubt that his last name is Skaggs? He LOOKS like a Skaggs (no offense to Boz).

Night Owl always manages to include a few sweet older cards of legends that I don't already have. The Brooks below, and the Eddie at the top of this post are prime examples of how clutch Night Owl is. I didn't previously have either card, and they are both going right into the player binder.

1987 Leaf Hall of Fame Greats Brooks Robinson

1975 Topps Rich Coggins
Mr. Coggins looks pretty happy for a guy on his way to the Montreal Expos. Maybe he knew he was going to be a Yankee after a short stay in Montreal?

Closing out this trade post are a couple of Kojis. I'm hoping big things are in store for this guy next season, and hopefully those big things happen for him in the closer role. He's absolutely tailor made to be a closer at this point in his career, and has a similar skill-set to John Smoltz, who we all know was one hell of a closer.

2009 Topps Chrome Koji Uehara refractor

2009 Topps Allen & Ginter's Koji Uehara black framed mini Wow, what a great card!

Thanks for the cards Night Owl! It's always a pleasure to complete a trade with you, and as always, I have a stockpile of Dodger hits for you, and any other Dodger collector. 2009 was the year of Dodger pulls for me, as I think I've managed to pull at least 10 Dodger relics/autos from various box/pack breaks.


  1. You're welcome. I finally pulled a blasted Orioles relic last week. It'll be on its way to you fairly soon. As soon as I recover from the shock of actually finding an O's hit.

  2. count me in on the dodger goodness! i'm sending some o's this week. i have a broberts relic and an auto of joe shlabotnik or some such oriole included in the package.

  3. Nice to see a Koji with a different pose for a change. I was beginning to think that there was only one photo of him in existance.