Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just Hit The Post Office.... Hard

If we have discussed and agreed on a trade, or if I mentioned sending you free cards, chances are they hit the mail this afternoon. The only exceptions to this rule are Wicked Ortega & Mojo Hand. I am still waiting on some cards to reach me, before they can reach you.

It was insanity at the post office! I had to leave the one closest to my house because the line was literally out the door. So I went to the one in the next town over, which was also hectic, but not quite to the same extent. Along with all the trade packages, I also sent in my first batch of cards to be sold on checkoutmycards.com. 2010 is going to be a year in which my expendable funds are going to be limited. If I want to continue to grow the collections that matter to me, I'm going to have to part with some of the other cards I own that aren't necessarily "of focus". I'm hoping to make enough to maybe pick up a few hobby boxes from Blowout, or at the very least grab some sweet O's from other sellers on the site.


  1. Good luck on COMC. I've had great experiences on there selling. Ideally, I'd love to save up to exchange it for a Blowout gift certificate, but I end up buying a few cards here and a few cards there and before I know it I just have enough to pay for sending in the next batch of cards and shipping whatever I bought.

  2. You're a brave man Beardy. I bought my stamps a few weeks ago to avoid the holiday craziness!

  3. Going to the post office at this time of the year is like shopping the day after Thanksgiving!