Thursday, December 3, 2009

Turk-Off 2 Finale: Packs 21-24

Well, here it.... the end of yet another Turk-Off. Motherscratcher has already declared himself the loser, which is impossible. NO ONE loses when there's Turkin' goin' on. The dude pulled 4 freakin' hits so you know he's not a deadbeat. From the box breaks I've seen, we were each lucky to have pulled 3, but he got a 4th, AND a gold parallel. To bust a box like that, and still lose.... it should be illegal. Fortunately for him, he hasn't lost just yet, and there are still 4 more packs to be posted. Not just any 4 packs, but the final 4 packs to ever be posted during this historic Turk-Off 2. Motherscratcher, thanks for the opportunity to post last. The drama factor is all mine, and the Shakespearean hammer is about to be dropped.


#478 Huston Street
#517 Jose Castillo
#352 Jason Schmidt
#432 Matt Holliday
#339 Carlos Delgado RED AD BACK +6 points
#353 Jeff Weaver
#342 Aaron Rowand
#457 Lance Berkman

PACK 21 TOTAL: 6 points

#507 Dan Johnson
#490 Matt Murton
#587 Jim Palmer ORIOLE RETIRED PLAYER +4 points
#483 Angel Berroa WHITE +5 points
#490 Matt Murton RED +2 points
#329 Chris Ray ORIOLE +2 points
#325 Magglio Ordonez
#547 Chris Duffy

PACK 22 TOTAL: 13 points

#502 Randy Winn
#460 Randy Johnson YANKEE -1 point
#572 Pujols At Bat Checklist STAR PLAYER +2 points
#502 Randy Winn RED +2 points
#524 Adrian Gonzalez SHORT PRINT +5 points
#320 Craig Biggio
#504 Victor Martinez TRIBER +2 points
#433 Brian McCann

PACK 23 TOTAL: 10 points

#570 Gustavo Chacin
#553 Kazuo Matsui RANDOM NEGATIVE POINT DUDE -1 point
#440 Brian Giles
#534 Doug Mientkiewicz
#495 Carl Everett RED +2 points
#413 Aaron Miles
#394 Eric Chavez
#415 Aaron Hill

PACK 24 TOTAL: 1 point

#TR-BB Barry Bonds Cabinet card
You can't tell by looking at it here, but this card is huge. As if Barry's head wasn't big enough already!

Wow, the pack that ended in a tie ended up being the difference for me. Without it, I lose this in the same fashion as the OG Turk-Off. Hmmm... imagine that.

Motherscratcher, it's been a blast. I am honored to have defeated the finest card blogger from the Cleveland suburbs. You can still tell Grady you won if you want. I'd hate for him to grow up knowing his father couldn't even beat Beardy in the Turk-Off rematch. On the other hand, if you do tell him, maybe he'll launch a lifelong vendetta against my family, which just might lead to Grady vs. Orpheus Beardy Jr. facing off in Turk-Off 27.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by to follow this shenanigans. I'll bet you couldn't wait to see who would win. Have you been on the edge of your seat all afternoon? Sit back, and think good and hard about my big victory today. At the end of the day, it's all about keeping you entertained. Hopefully Motherscratcher and I were able to take care of business.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I would like to thank the 8 people who voted for me in Motherscratcher's poll. You willed me not only to a popular vote victory, but Turk-Off 2 victory as well. I vow to be a champion of the people, which is more than I can say for my opponent.

Expect me to get pack into my normal posting routine post haste. You know the routine, a few trades, a few box breaks. Maybe even some stuff I bought on eBay, but only if you eat your vegetables first.

And another thing, ALL cards from this break are for trade, including the McCann. It'll cost ya though.


  1. Man...what an epic battle. I shall tell my children and they shall tell their children of this week, and the glorious Turk Off that was witnessed during it.

  2. I would love that Jim Palmer card, I love the pitching motion. Would you be willing to trade that one?

  3. Well done my good man. If you can beat me with the box I had, then you deserve it. I'll have to look back to figure out just how the hell you pulled it off. Pulled the right packs at the right times I guess.

    I will get a prize out to you within the next few weeks. I don't know what will be in it yet. Like I said, I don't think I have any great singles around right now, but hopefully I can do your incredible victory justice. I was planning on sending something your way anyhow.

    I look forward to Turk-Off 3, sometime long into the future.

    Until we meet again Beardmeister!