Monday, December 7, 2009

More Cards From Check Out My Cards

I've been at it again, and here is another example of what $20 (including shipping) will get you on Whenever I get the urge to pick up some new cards (which is almost a daily occurrence), instead of paying shipping for each card on eBay, or dropping $75 on a box that will most likely yield junk hits anyway, I've instead been turning to Check Out My Cards. I got all of these cards for the price of a blaster, which is most likely what I would have spent my money on when the urge strikes me. Retail is so tempting because it is so easily acquired.

Speaking of acquired, here's what I picked up this time around, and all of it once again using the "make offer" feature. Most of them were had for around half of their asking price.

2007 Allen & Ginter's Nick Markakis black bordered mini

1967 Topps Frank Robinson

Awesome! Check out that cartoon? '66 was a big year for Frank, and the Orioles alike. A World Series ring and a Triple Crown in the same season? That has to go down as one of the best seasons in history.

2009 Topps Updates & Highlights Adam Jones All Star Jersey gold parallel
#'d /50
Got outbid on this card a while back, and thought it might be awhile before there was another chance for me to get one. This card was the main reason I went on another COMC spree.

These next 4 are all from the same insert set. If you happen to have any, and want to trade them, I am officially collecting the 1994 Leaf Slideshow set.

1994 Leaf Slideshow David Justice

1994 Leaf Slideshow Ken Griffey Jr.

1994 Leaf Slideshow Juan Gonzalez

1994 Leaf Slideshow Tim Salmon

1968 Topps Frank Robinson game insert
Another card I kept getting outbid on at the last second. This one was less than $2.00, and looks great.

Last week I briefly mentioned completing the 2009 Allen & Ginter's base set. The last 7 cards I needed, all short prints, were purchased for a combined cost of $3.25. Here are a few of the final cards I needed:

And so concludes another post where I foolishly squander away my meager funds for some cardboard satisfaction. Hopefully you enjoyed it as much as I did. I think the next post will feature my flea market finds from yesterday. As always, it was a good day at the flea market, and great deals were had by all.


  1. Great cards my friend! I love the '67 Frank-I love that they still included his minor league stats! Congrats on finishing up the A and G. Meager funds are totally intended to be squandered on cardboard satisfaction, its like a law or something...

  2. Great stuff bro.

    I absolutely heart COMC and I have a shopping cart full right now...just need to gather the meager funds needed :D

  3. I'm hooked on COMC as well. I added some funds with the intention of paying for the processing of some cards to sell, but I ended up spending it all, a little here and a little there. Picked up some Piazza Epix cards that I didn't pull out of my box of Zenith. I got some insert cards to finish off a couple of sets that I came across while unpacking. I think I have enough now to take advantage of the bulk shipping at the end of the month. I definitely think that I have to send in every Jordan that I own for the discounted priority processing. I've been looking to get rid of those for a while now and just unpacked them.

    I've got series 1 of the Slideshow cards, but I think the only card from series 2 that I have is the Juan Gone because of the player collection that I had back then.

  4. I found COMC last week. I'm hooked too. Love it!

  5. You done good. You done real good, Beardy.