Friday, December 11, 2009

ATTN: Baltimore Media

Kevin Millwood is NOT a "top end of the rotation" starter, at least not any more. Please stop speaking of him as if he is. I'm not saying the guy is a bum, and the O's shouldn't of traded for him, but let's call a spade a spade. Kevin Millwood will provide needed veteran leadership in the clubhouse, something the Orioles need, especially with so many young guns on the pitching staff. Kevin Millwood will most likely be a solid middle of the rotation guy and has a shot to potentially be the best pitcher in Baltimore next season. Even if that should happen, it still doesn't mean he's a "top of the rotation" starter. It means that as per usual, the Orioles don't really have a true rotation, which is a HUGE reason why they've been so terrible for so long. The past 5 seasons we've only had one true #1 starter, and even he was borderline. First it was Rodrigo Lopez, followed by Bedard, the only one you could argue was a true #1, and for the past 3 seasons it's been Jeremy Guthrie, who would be no more than a #2 or #3 starter on any other team in the league except for maybe the Pirates.

Get over yourself Orioles front office. Kevin Millwood is a good signing, especially since he didn't cost anything more than a Rule 5 pick, bu he is not going to sure up the rotation.


  1. Amen, Beardy.

    I had no idea the Baltimore media is acting as if Millwood is an ace type pitcher.

    Is the media aware of his 5 plus era in 2008 and 2007? Did they mention in 2009 his HR given up rose and strikeouts to innings dropped?

    His 3.67 era in 2009 was not a case of him having a nice year, but more a case of improved Rangers defense and pure luck when balls were put in play. They weren't dropping in like they have his whole career. It was an anomaly.

    That changed in the second half, when his luck ran out and he returned to his poor pitching results (5.02 era second half).

    I too don't mind getting Millwood for a year since it seems we are having a tough time pulling in quality free agents, but Millwood has always been highly overrated and highly overpaid (like Burnett).

    The one thing about Millwood is he seems to up his game in contract years. That may be coincidence, or it may be extra effort. Money motivates a lot of people to try harder no matter what they do for a living.

    Having said all this, of course I hope Millwood pitches his heart out and wins 33 games. I love my Orioles.

  2. Millwood is a 2. but realistically there are less than 30 #1s. probably less than 15. Plus a few teams are hogging more than 1 - so a teams chances of getting a #1 are less than 50/50.

    Nice thing about Millwood is he makes all his starts - He's a 200 inning guy and the O's rotation will need that.

    O's big mistake was signing to many crummy players for big $$ 5-10 years ago. I like what they got going on now. I don't think this is the yr to trade for a #1 but hopefully it will be as early as 2011.