Saturday, December 5, 2009

2008 Topps Chrome Football Retail Box Break Pt. 2

Here's a few more cards from that sealed Topps Chrome Football box I received in that monster trade with Joe V. I'm honestly struggling a little bit to get this box break posted, and sort of just want to get it over with. It's not that I don't like these cards, or the break wasn't fun, because I do, and it was. It's just that Turk-Off 2, much like it's predecessor, has caused a posting logjam. I've got at least 4 drafts going, and a 6-inch high stack of cards that needs to be logged, scanned & posted.

Let's get on with the show! First up are a couple of Ravens, the only 2 I was fortunate enough to pull.

Allen Patrick

Joe Flacco
Joe Cool himself! I've now got the base & refractor versions of this card, both courtesy of Joe V. Everyone is talking about how Flacco has regressed, but the reality of the situation is that his numbers this year are far superior to last season, but the Ravens haven't been winning as often. Not to mention he doesn't exactly have the largest of targets to throw to. I am bigger than Mark Clayton, and my hands might be better too.

Next up we have some inserts. There were a crap ton of them in this box, which really helped keep things interesting. My only criticism is that there is a whole insert set devoted to the Steelers Super Bowls. What is it with card companies and insert sets that only feature teams I hate? Yankee Stadium Legacy wasn't enough? You had to go and make a Steelers set too?

Eli Manning Ring of Honor
The only one of these I pulled. If it's anything like this year's release, this is the only Ring of Honor card anyway. That's how it is for Santonio Holmes this year.

Franco Harris Super Bowl IX
Here's that Steelers crap I was talking about. There were 4 of these in my box.

Terry Bradshaw Super Bowl XII
He was a better at quarterbacking than he is at being an analyst, that's for sure. But have you heard his gospel albums?

The other 2 Steelers cards I pulled were a Rocky Bleier Super Bowl XIII, and a different Bradshaw card, also from Super Bowl XIII.

Next up is an insert set with a name so ridiculous I can't believe it was even made. I'm talking about the Brett Favre "Flight to 420" set. I hear they're making one with the same name for next year's Chrome Baseball release, featuring Tim Lincecum. This set chronicles every TD pass thrown by Favre on his way to breaking the all time record. There were 8 of these cards in this box, which is a bit much in my opinion. Topps loves to do these huge numbers based insert sets for some reason.

Brett Favre TD #333
Woo! 420 dude! Far out. Along with this one, I also pulled #'s 274, 295, 318, 325 & 364.

Next up we have some sort of Legends insert. This set is my favorite out of the 4 insert varieties found in this box, and I pulled 4 total.

Lou Groza

Norm Van Brocklin

Rocky Bleier

Tom Fears

Next up is the last type of insert I found in this box. This set commemorates the 2008 inductees into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It would have been nice to pull Darrell Green or Art Monk, but a Hall of Famer is a Hall of Famer.

Andre Tippett

Fred Dean

Gary Zimmerman

There's nothing left to show you but the refractors, and that is a different post entirely. All cards from this break are for trade, so if you see something you like/want/need, let a brotha know.


  1. Lou "The Toe" Groza! Fuckin' awesome.

    We're a joke now, but by God we had some of the best players in history. It's a shame what we've become. Freakin' love Groza. Nice card.

  2. "I hear they're making one with the same name for next year's Chrome Baseball release, featuring Tim Lincecum."


  3. The Toe is all yours Motherscratcher.