Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Turk-Off 2 Packs 13-16

While I'm certainly over the Turkey Red design after having it shoved down my throat for the past 5 years, these cards sure are nice looking. Some of them are even borderline beautiful, especially the ones featuring retired players. In the heat of battle, it's easy to overlook the fact that you're still busting wax, and the experience is to be savored, and each card deserves your undivided attention, even if only for a brief, fleeting moment.

Motherscratcher still holds a one pack lead as we enter the second half of Turk-Off 2. It would be a disservice to not only myself, but to all 6 of the people who have voted for me in his poll, if I don't find a way to come back, and win this shenanigans. Right now would be an ideal time to start doing just that. None of these packs are particularly weak, and hopefully my opponents packs are. Weak that is.


#548 Bengie Molina
#584 Duke Snider RETIRED PLAYER +2 points
#423 Vinny Castilla
#383 Austin Kearns RED +2 points
#325 Magglio Ordonez AD BACK SHORT PRINT +15 points (boo-yah!)
#387 Armando Benitez
#380 Kevin Millwood
#568 Dave Bush

PACK 13 TOTAL: 19 points

#589 Stan Musial RETIRED PLAYER +2 points (what a nice looking card)
#598 Josh Barfield
#546 Vincente Padilla
#395 Greg Maddux RED +2 points (I really like Maddux's pose, it's old-timey, but then again, so is he)
#532 Scott Rolen SHORT PRINT +5 points
#533 Edwin Jackson
#545 Raul Ibanez
#618 James Loney

PACK 14 TOTAL: 9 points

#477 Carlos Beltran STAR PLAYER +2 points
#591 Prince Fielder STAR ROOKIE +2 points
#543 Russ Adams
#511 Matt Clement
#460 Randy Johnson RED YANKEE +1 point
#555 Brady Clark
#425 Vladimir Guerrero
#583 Carl Yastremski RETIRED PLAYER +2 points
PACK 15 TOTAL: 7 points

#386 Cliff Lee TRIBER +2 points
#324 Jimmy Rollins
#622 Drew Meyer
#372 Jason Bay WHITE +5 points
#515 Barry Zito RED +2 points
#354 Rocco Baldelli
#343 Richie Sexson
#529 John Smoltz

PACK 16 TOTAL: 9 points

Respectable point totals here. I still need Motherscratcher to stumble like the Browns on Sunday for me to be able to put this one away. I'm predicting 3 out of 4 wins for me, and a tie game, but I am no prognosticator. Nor am I a psychic, nor do I have any psychic friends. I do however enjoy the show Psych quite a bit. We'll see how far that gets me.


  1. Hey, I majored in Psychology. Close enough.

    Also, VINNY CASTILLA! I'd give that like a +55464i335465 point bonus. Vinny ruled. Can't believe I forgot about him so easily.

  2. Hey, I pulled the same Stan Musial and thought the same exact thing.

    Also, Yaz's stirrups are fantastic. I don't know what the hell it is with me and stirrups lately. I wish more guys would wear them like they did 30 years ago.

    So, you've taken the lead El Bearderino. This isn't over yet my unshaven friend.