Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Flea Market Finds- Hall of Fame Alert!

Budget: $40
Mission: Good deals & player collection finds
Results: See for yourself

2008 Bowman Sterling Joe Flacco blue refractor
Total cost: $8.00. It's probably worth less than that after last night's stinker. Thanks to New Card Smell, I now know where this card comes from. Until spotting this one at the flea market, I'd never seen one like this before.

2008 Topps Finest Nick Markakis green refractor #'d /199
Total cost: $2.00. One step close to the rainbow. I now have the green, gold and black variations of this card.

2005 Upper Deck Classic Fantasy Team Dennis Eckersley

Total cost: $1.00. It's a card of a Hall of Famer, and it's made out of wood. For a dollar? No brainer.

1973 Topps Hank Aaron

Total cost: $5.00. My first Aaron, and it was found in the five dollar bin.

1951 Bowman George Stirnweiss
Total cost: $4.00. I mainly bought this cards cause off this guy's nickname. It's my first '51 Bowman, and aside from the staining there on the bottom, is in pretty good shape. Oh, and that tape spot there on the back. It could be worse though.

1934 Goudey Charlie Grimm
Total cost: $10.00. My first '34 Goudey! It's only one of the most iconic sets of all time. That white spot on the back is part of the price tag that I didn't remove from the penny sleeve.

1955 Bowman Eddie Mathews
Total cost: $10.00. I was pretty thrilled to see this in the ten dollar bin. There was a '59 Topps Mathews in there as well, but it was in slightly worse shape than this creased up '55 Bowman.

Once again, the Dundalk flea market has yielded some great cards, and sweet deals. Needless to say I'm pretty psyched about being able to add all of these cards to my collection, but especially that '34 Goudey, as beat as it is.

I have officially edited the Beard-O-Meter, due to popular demand, and also have hereby accepted the term Beardometer as an acceptable alternative.


  1. Nice beat up oldies! You probably know this already, but Snuffy is wearing a St. Louis Browns uniform. The Browns moved to Baltimore in 1954 so you have sort of a pre-Orioles card there.

  2. I think I would have bought the Snuffy also. Nicknames were much better in the old days. Today everyone seems to be A-something or D-something, etc.

  3. Wow, the Eckersley was a great deal for a buck! The odds of pulling one of those wood cards was 1 in 448 hobby packs, and only 36 sets were produced. I'd say that's probably worth more than a dollar.

  4. Yeah I've never even seen that wood Eck or any from that set. That's a great find.

  5. Very nice addition to any collection wish we had flea markets around here that had that stuff! Good work. Grant

  6. That's a sweet beat to hell Goudey. I always love getting banged up old cards like that. Maybe I'm just trying to make myself feel better about not being able to afford mint copies, but I almost prefer the beat up ones. I always love playing the game of trying to figure out how it ended up in that condition.

    Those Bowmans are pretty awesome as well.