Thursday, December 10, 2009

What's The Deal Upper Deck?

It's been over 2 months now since I have redeemed my Goodwin Champions Entomology card, and I have been waiting for an update ever since. Today I decided to check in, and see if there are any updates. There are, but none of it is information that is pertinent to my situation. It appears as though Upper Deck may be running into more problems than they bargained for with these beautifully designed Entomology cards. There are regulations preventing them from being shipped to locales outside of the U.S., and it appears to be slowing down this entire process. I know for a fact that the Thoroughbred Hair Cut redemptions have already shipped out, and would assume that the Landmarks & Entomology Cards aren't far behind. This is only the 4th Upper Deck redemption I've dealt with , and the previous 3 all arrived within 3 weeks. If UD really wants to be better than Topps, mimicking their redemption turnaround times is certainly not the way to go about achieving that goal.

It's really BUGGING me that this redemption is taking so long, and that Upper Deck has barely provided any information at all regarding it's status. Get it? BUGS me? My jokes suck.


  1. Yeah, it really kills me how much people make off of these on Ebay considering somewhat shaky odds of ever receiving them at all. I still have five red hot rookie redemptions that have said "shipped" for well over two months now.