Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turk-Off 2 Packs 5-8

Round 2 coming at you. So far I am trailing 3 packs to 1. Hopefully there's some ground to be gained in these 5 packs.

#435 Sean Casey
#318 Shawn Green
#617 Erick Aybar
#370 Jim Thome WHITE +5 points
#578 Bunting the Runner Over Checklist RED +2 points
#407 Mark Mulder
#421 Brad Wilkerson
#368 Johnny Estrada

PACK 5 TOTAL: 7 points

#446 Orlando Hernandez
#523 Dan Haren
#372 Jason Bay
#476 Nick Johnson RED AD BACK YANKEE +6 points
#521 Ervin Santana SHORT PRINT +5 points
#TRR-JG Jon Garland BASE RELIC +8 points
#458 Aramis Ramirez

PACK 6 TOTAL: 19 points

#459 Xavier Nady
#351 Mike Piazza
#619 Joel Zumaya
#439 Matt Morris
#508 Tim Hudson RED +2 points
#426 Javy Lopez ORIOLE +2 points
#437 Chad Tracy
#494 Jarrod Washbrun

PACK 7 TOTAL: 4 points


#398 Joe Nathan
#503 Roy Halladay
#361 Frank Thomas
#396 Jack Wilson BLACK +10 points
#381 Mark Grudzielanek RED +2 points
#448 Scott Podsednik
#461 Khalil Greene
#516 Luis Gonzalez

PACK 8 TOTAL: 12 points

Much better scores on these packs. Will it be enough to take the lead? That Nick Johnson card was the craziest one yet! Not only was it red, and a short print, it was also an ad back AND a Yankee. Without the 50% Yankee deduction, my overall points lead may have been significant. Let's see what Captain Cleveland has to fire back with.


  1. FYI: Red parallels of short prints are not in fact short printed themselves. I got doubles of both A-Rod short prints in the red parallel and the red cards fill up about half of the SPs in my set.

    It probably doesn't mean anything as far as the rules are concerned, but I just wanted to throw that out there.

  2. I'm no Pirates fan, but that Wilson looks good with the black border. However, Mark Grudzielanek must be totally embarrassed they chose to use his give up swing and a miss pose.

  3. What Dayf said.

    I'm cool with scoring it either way. We can count all of the variations as SPs or just the base cards. Either way that was a hell of a pack.

    This is getting interesting. I have a feeling I have some crappy packs coming up. (I'm not kidding. I'm about to bust my next 4 before I hit the sack.)

  4. I have adjusted my scoring accordingly. If the Commish says that's how it is, then that's how it is. I respect the Commish's authority.

    Scratcher- Here's hoping you do have some craptastic packs coming up. I've got a few that are solid, and could use to gain a lil ground.