Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Card Shop...

Today, I went back to Sport Card Depot, in search of some loose packs of '08 Masterpieces for my set. I was hoping to pull a short print or two I need, and a few of those black framed parallels as well. In all I purchased 6 packs for $3.50/pack. Even though short prints are seeded 1:2 packs, there were none to be found in any of the six packs I ripped. After opening 4 packs, I had only pulled 1 black framed parallel (needed it), and none of the remaining base cards from my want list.

Then along came pack #5. After ripping the wrapper, I saw the word "Congratulations" and knew I had a hit on my hands. Closer examination revealed that it was a Dodgers hit. "Dammit" I thought, "another Andruw Jones jersey card". As I was flipping the card over, I noticed that the card was rather thick, like thicker than a regular jersey card. "Dammit", I thought, "an Andruw Jones patch card".

You could imagine my surprise when I finally flipped the card over and saw this....
Totally sucks that there's a cat hair on the patch, but that's what happens when you've got one. There's nothing in this house without cat hair on it. Supposedly these patches are seeded 1:15 or 1:20 cases. Yes, you read that right, CASES. At least that's what a little birdie told me anyway. After a rought run of horrible luck, it's nice to finally pull an unexpected hit out of something. This may actually be one of my better pulls ever, if not the best. Sad, I know, but my box busting luck has been fairly lousy in the "big hits" department.

In case you were wondering, pack 6 contained another black framed parallel from my want list.


  1. You're a Dodger magnet!

    Heh: word verification is "troll"

  2. I really am a Dodger magnet. It could be worse though. I'd rather a Dodger magnet than a Yankee magnet.

  3. OH MY GOD!

    I DARE you to mail that card to me. In fact, I double dog dare you.

  4. Wow sick! Any chance that'll be for trade? lol if not I'd keep it before selling, Billingsley has a pretty big upside in my opinion! Look for him to be great next season.

  5. Damn that is fucking awesome!!! man do i love masterpieces!

  6. That is a sweet card! Nice pull.

  7. Man I would love to take that card out to a nice lobster dinner...and then never call it again!

    Seriously though, sweet pull.

  8. Its a nice auto in blue ink as well. Not some ass whip scribble.

    Fine arm as well.

    Some ones been a good boy.


  9. man those patch autos from that set are wikkid haad to find on the secondary mahket too. Been looking for one for a reasonable price..no dice.

  10. surprise hits are the best! I have still never pulled a auto relic before, perhaps that will change some day. Nice job!