Monday, December 21, 2009

Last Week's eBay Haul

You know me. I've got a fever, and the only cure is more cards! The title may say last week's eBay haul, but do not be fooled. It is Monday, and a new week is upon us, which makes these cards now 2 weeks old. I'm pretty far behind. Let's see what I got, shall we...

2006 Bowman Sterling Nick Markakis gold refractor (not #'d?)
I don't know much about Bowman Sterling, but I thought this was supposed to be #'d /10. I didn't pay #'d /10 money for it, so I guess it's ok that it's not numbered. It's still a nice looking refractor.

2009 Upper Deck SPx Ed Reed shadowbox
Ryans Memorabilia just posted one of these as well. For a case hit, they come fairly cheaply on eBay. Reed should find himself in Canton when his playing days finally come to an end, and he's also my favorite Raven of all time (no offense to Ray Lewis).

2009 Topps 206 Adam Jones printing plate
This was the only photo of this card I saw on eBay. The description mentioned it was the black plate. When I flipped it over, this is what i saw:

No wonder they only showed the back. There's barely any image there at all. At least it was cheap, less than $7 delivered. I'm a total sucker for framed cards, and have been trying to score a framed printing plate for a while now. Some people hate printing plates, but I think they're cool. I've done a lot of graphic design work in my day, and have a respect for the printing process. Besides, if Upper Deck had seeded the '89 Griffey rookie plates in packs, there wouldn't be so many of them floating around these days. As long as you don't drop crazy money on them, printing plates are typically the cheapest and easiest way to acquire a one of one featuring your favorite player.

There will be another eBay post later this week featuring the few cards I grabbed last week. There should also be a CheckOutMyCards post, assuming my purchases arrive in the next couple of days.


  1. Boy, refractors are just the best, aren't they? Nice haul my friend--hope you dug out from the snow in time for work today.

  2. The golds are to 10, but they were not serial numbered.

  3. Jeff, are you sure?

    This one is clearly numbered:

  4. I believe, and I could be horribly wrong about this but, the uncirculated box topper ones were numbered, and the ones inside packs were not. I might be completely wrong but I thought that was how they were produced.

    I've seen the Papelbon uncirculated not numbered just like your Markakis. The seller advertised it as being a short print of 10 but I'm not finding much info about that googling, shrug. This is going to annoy me all day wondering if they are to 10 or not.

  5. The sell info for the product says:

    "Gold Parallel - The 100 non-autographed Rookie and Relic cards sequentially numbered to 50. "

    Now I'm even more confused.

  6. now that's my kind of haul...I thought the golds were to 50 and numbered?

  7. seems the only Markakis that doesn't have a print run from that set was his basic rookie card. And yours isn't that one. So I'd guess yours is the one that has a 199 print run.

    Very odd. Great card.

  8. I agree I dont get all these freakin plater haters as well, but then again I dont get the gimmick haters either.

    The Ebay dudes post is for an Orange Refractor. Gold isn't numbered. How do I know this, because I have one.

  9. Im pretty sure black is 25, Orange is 10, red is 5, and 1/1 is super. I have to did out some shit, but im pretty sure.

  10. Reds 1/1. My bad, and Im really confused know, because I have a gold numbered to ten. Nevermind.