Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gint-A-Cuffs Official Participants List (Updated)

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People are starting to sign up. Below is the official list of participants, their favorite player (for the list) and favorite team.

Deadline to enter: Monday July 6th (before the release, so no one can open a box, and then decide to enter)
How to enter: Leave a comment on this post, stating that you are in, and name your favorite player and team.
How to achieve victory: Based on the scoring criteria below (still a work in progress), do the math and figure out how many points your box is worth. You must scan & post all cards that are worth positive points, as well as your total box score. Whoever gets the highest total box score is the Gint-A-Cuffs grand champion. We'll have to figure out a prize for the winner. I could probably make them a custom Ginter card, sort of like if you had "cracked the code" last year.


Do the rules make sense to everyone? Does anyone have any questions about how this will be scored? Ginter is a HUGE set, so this is definitely more complicated than the Turk-Off was.

1. Beardy - Nick Markakis/Orioles
2. John (Sac Bunt) - Joe Mauer/Twins
3. Chris (Sac Bunt) - Brian Roberts/Orioles
4. Mark (Sac Bunt) - Tim Lincecum/Orioles
5. MdBirdFan (Ryan's Memorabilia) - Nick Markakis/Orioles
6. Zach (Coolio Cards) - Evan Longoria/Rays
7. Ryan (Card Cache) - Jay Bruce/Reds
8. Motherscratcher/Fatheritcher (Achiever Card Blog) - Grady Sizemore/Indians
9. Captain Canuck (Waxaholic) - Adam LaRoche/Braves
10. Drew (drewscards) - Derek Jeter/Yankees
11. Travis (PunkRockPaint) - Adrian Gonzalez/Padres
12. Loi (Boxopener) - Hanley Ramirez/Red Sox
13. FanofReds (Nachos Grande) - Joey Votto/Reds
14. Dayf (Cardboard Junkie) - Chipper Jones/Braves
15. gritz76 (Project '62) - Geovany Soto/Cubs
16. John (Old School Breaks) - Mariano Rivera/Yankees
17. Night Owl (Night Owl Cards) - Clayton Kershaw/Dodgers
18. Ben (Cardboard Icons) - Dustin Pedroia/Red Sox
19. thehamiltonian (The Hamiltonian) - Josh Hamilton/Toronto Blue Jays
20. whodidthewhatnow (Who Did The What Now?) - David Wright/Mets

If you see question marks next to your entry, I need more information. If you are on the non-confirmed list, and are definitely in, just say the word, and you'll be added. Once we know how many people are participating, the official "Favorite Players" list will be released. I am going to post the rules again, but please keep in mind they are a work in progress. Once again, any suggestions/revisions to the rules are welcome. This is a democracy, man.

Prepare for the one who's beard reigns supreme to be the last man standing once the Gint-A-Cuffs dust has finally settled.

Sign up people, the more the merrier! If you are interested, leave a comment on this post with your favorite player and team.


  1. I'm in dude. Consider me confirmitated.

    Far out man.

  2. I will be getting a box off Blowout soon, and I will participate, but I will be coming back from a vacation on Friday the 9th, I hope that's not too late. I'll be in though.

    Drew- Derek Jeter/Yankees

  3. yeah my team is the rays I sent out ur card today too

  4. Drew - No, you don't understand. Beardy is providing boxes for all participants free of charge.

    Right Beardy?

  5. Since I am officially banned from buying any new A&G cards until I complete my mini set from '08, I will not be able to compete...

    Unless of course, this is in the name of science??? This IS in the name of science, isn't it??? Gint-A-Cuffs: the Sweetest Science.

    Oh, it is. Good. Then consider me in.

    Travis (PunkRockPaint)

    For the purpose of this challenge, my favorite player is: Adrian Gonzalez;

    My favorite team is the San Diego Padres.

    When is this gonna start?

  6. Yeah, come on Beardy, free boxes!

  7. I'm in:

    Loi (

    Favorite Player: (Longo is already taken so I'll pick Hanley Ramirez)

    Favorite Team: Red Sox

  8. Holy Gratuitous Giveaways Batman! Beardy is giving us boxes! Sweeeet!

    Favourite player - Adam LaRoche


    Drew/PRP- This starts whenever you get your box. There are already too many people to be able to do this in any sort of coordinated way. All you gotta do is add up your box score, and post the cards that score you points on your blog, along with your final score.

  10. so, is the box giveaway still on?


  12. Oh, also, there is very likely to be a stealth insert of some kind like the mini sharks from last year. You might want to put in a wildcard insert point total to cover shenanigans.

  13. I swear to God I will pistol whip the next person who says shenanigans.

  14. do it...B-Rob/ Orioles

    - Chris @ SacBunt

  15. wait what do we win again?

  16. Wait a minute, you wrote me down twice. Do I have to order TWO boxes? lol....

  17. Hey Beardy, I know this has to be a pain in the butt, but I watched the Ginter box break on Beckett and it had a ton of non-baseball inserts. You may want to give points to these certain cards.

  18. Drew- If they're just base cards, they are 0pt, unless they're on the list of cards worth -1.

    All other inserts should already be accounted for, but correct me if they're not.

  19. I am in ...

    Go with Red Sox/Dustin Pedroia

  20. I am in. I might be a little later than everyone. I'm going to preemptively claim a delay in receiving my box, but really it will take me a while to tally my score.

    Player: Josh Hamilton
    Team: Toronto Blue Jays

    I was going to claim the electron as my favourite player, but I see chemists are subject to mockery. Electrons are awesome! They can be anywhere, at any time.

  21. Allllll right. I know I run a non-sports blog and collect stuff from that side of the hobby. But I will get in on this, since I am a baseball fan (after hockey). I will have to pick... David Wright/NY Mets. There may be a small delay in getting my box... Payday is end of next week - if that is ok, Beardy?

  22. The decision, it is made. I am in.

    Not sure who to take a my player *waffling*, but team is definitely the Cubs.

  23. Is there room for one more? I just decided to buy my boxes of A&G, so I'm late, but hopefully I can get in on the action.