Friday, July 10, 2009

Gint-A-Cuffs Box 1 Packs 1-4

Well, the time has come. Gint-A-Cuffs is officially underway! Luckily for me, I was able to break 2 boxes already. It almost didn't happen until Monday, which is my birthday. You see, my wonderful girlfriend got me a box for my birthday, and I had pre-ordered one myself as well. I wanted to give her the satisfaction of giving me the first box of A&G that I would break this year, so I talked her into giving me my present a little early. Based on the results of this box, I'm going to make her pick them all out from now on.


Lincoln/Grant Cabinet Card (kick ass!) +8points

Pack 1:
#221 Brandon Webb base
#37 Andre Ehier base
#45 Derrek Lee base
#66 Alex Rodriguez base -1pt
#132 Anna Tunnicliffe base
#189 Casey Kotchman "Crack the Code": +2pts
#36 Joba Chamberlain Ginter back mini: +2 Ginter back mini, -1 Yankee = 1pt
#NP30 Jose Contreras National Pride Cuba

PACK 1 TOTAL: 2 points

Pack 2
#100 Ichiro base
# 271 Jair Jurrgens base
#237 Walton Glen Eller base
#14 Troy Tulowitzki base
Ryan Braun Framed Autograph Redemption: +15 auto x5 favorite player list = 75pts
#164 Eric Bedard black framed mini: +3pts
#NP12 Prince Fielder National Pride USA

PACK 2 TOTAL: 78 points

Pack 3:
#170 Lance Berkman base
#115 Ryan Doumit base
#255 Aramis Ramirez base
#88 Brad Penny base
#177 David Freese base
#112 Millito Navarro base: Negro League Star +2pts FORGOT TO SCAN
#NH16 Chiang Kai-Shek National Heroes mini: +5pts
#NP14 Francisco Rodriguez National Pride Venezuela

PACK 3 TOTAL: 7 points

Pack 4:
#138 Garrett Atkins base
#7 John Smoltz base
#44 Freddy Sanchez base
#295 Brett Gardner base: -1pt (Yankee)
#87 Aaron Cook base
#313 Jeff Francis SP: +5pts
#205 Ryan Braun mini: +3pts
#NP15 Jorge Posada National Pride Puerto Rico: -1pt

PACK 4 TOTAL: 6 points

Wow, that Braun auto really got me some serious pointage. As per usual, this set looks great. In fact the cards look so nice, I was motivated enough to clean my scanner so everything would look extra crisp. A great start to Gint-A-Cuffs, but how will the rest of the box be?


  1. Alex Rodriguez just looks like he took a point from you, doesn't he? If I opened that pack and saw that stare I'd think "Yes Arod, you can take my point and my pride and my dignity with you, I hate you".

    Anyone going to give the crack the code a shot that's in the battle? I'd be willing to make trades for those cards once I break my box next week.

  2. Wow, a formidable start for my (one of many) opponent. If my boxes ever arrive hopefully I'll do even better ;)

  3. Great start Beardy. Im sorry to hear about your 2nd box ... hopefully Topps does something to compensate you and make things right. Ryan Braun auto should be pretty awesome ... although getting those redemption cards is kind of a bummer because it would have been cool to get that card right then and there. There seems to be a lot of redemption cards this year ...saw a Michael Phelps one on eBay. It's going to be on for the Gint-a-cuffs on Monday when the Sacbunt guys break open their boxes and give you guys a run for your money.

  4. Beardy, you need to thank Ryan over at Card Cache for telling me about the contest and thus netting you 74 extra points on that Braun card. Now here's to hoping I pull a Markakis one so we can swap.

  5. Wow, you figured out a way to make a redemption card a good thing. How'd you do that?

  6. Multipliers RULE!!! (coming from the guy who pulled two favorite player relics...)

  7. I can't decide if AROD is pissed about Yankees being -1 point or getting swept by the Halos. Either way, I'm glad he's not happy.