Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Sweetest Spot

Here is one of the cards that arrived in the mail while I was at the beach:

2008 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Brian Roberts Red/Blue Stitch Red Ink Signature
In less than a week I went from having no Brian Roberts autographs, to having two Brian Roberts autographs. This was a cheapie eBay pickup, and according to the only price guide I own, the July issue of Sports Collectors Monthly, it books for $20, which means it's probably worth about $7, which is roughly what I got it for. It's a pretty nice looking autograph, but I wonder why Upper Deck abandoned the stadium photo that was in the background of previous Sweet Spot incarnations? The player photos are bigger on the 08's, but are 2 player pics really necessary? Camden Yards sure would look sweet in the background of this card.... or any card for that matter.

In unrelated (to this card) news, I finally heard back from Topps, and mailed them everything they need to resolve our little Allen & Ginter's snafu. You know, the one where I got shorted a "hit" and received several damaged cards. Despite all of this, I still busted a 3rd box this afternoon, the results of which will be coming in the next few days. I'm even thinking about hitting the card shop tomorrow and picking up a 4th. As of now, I've already amassed plenty of doubles for trade, and still have not landed a single Burke Kenny card. Want/trade lists will probably be posted next week, since I need some time to get all the cards I do have organized.


  1. Hey Beard-a-rama-ding-dong, I busted my first Gint-A-Cuffs today and pulled the Burke Kenny card. It's all yours buddy.

    I just need to get everything scanned and posted. I don't know what my point total is, but I think it's probably the opposite of your 300 box. And, unfortunately, I wasn't bailed out by some awesome Markakis card this time.

  2. Hey Beardy...

    Sent you an email about the Bazooka card, used the address on your blog profile.

    Also, nice Roberts!