Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Ginter Free Post

Fear not, I'll be back with more A&G in a few days, but in the meantime I wanted to show off a couple of new additions to the ol' collection.

This first card I purchased from eBay. I can hardly believe it was only a dollar and change. This was the season before Kell played with the Orioles, but that doesn't mean I like the card any less. Kell is a Hall of Famer, and anytime you can pick up a vintage card of someone enshrined in Cooperstown for a dollar, you've got to feel good about it. This is not only my first George Kell card, but also my first '55 Bowman. Hard to believe I hadn't previously picked up any of these, especially considering how much I enjoy the totally cheesy yet iconic "what's on television" design.

1955 #213 Bowman George Kell

Next up is a card I still cannot believe was actually offered to me in a trade. Previously, I've mentioned the insane amount of generosity that is constantly shown to me by the card blogging community, and the card below is yet another shining example. Grant of the fabulous Old School Pack Buster blog emailed me last week and said that if he couldn't trade this card, he was just going to put it up on eBay, and that he'd much rather see it go to someone who would appreciate it. Well, I sent over game used cards of Ichiro, a Griffey chrome, and some other random Junior inserts, and in return not only did I receive this card, but several others as well. Grant, you've got more Mariners heading your way shortly, and thanks for this beaut!

2009 Upper Deck SPX #GJA-BR Brian Roberts Game Patch Autograph
This is the first Brian Roberts auto I've ever owned, and check out that 3-color patch! Mr. Roberts has a pretty nice signature, don't you think?

This is probably the last you'll hear from the bearded one for a few days. I'm heading to the beach for a little vacation, and should have some news for everyone when I return, along with some more Ginter.

For anyone thinking about possibly robbing me while I am gone, I'll have you know that Grandmagroomer was nice enough to let me borrow his helldog. So that, coupled with my vicious attack kitties will make any intruder very sorry for even having thought about it.

Oh, I almost forgot.... TOMORROW IS MY BIRFDAY! I am old.


  1. Well Happy F*^%ing Birthday you old man! Have a great time at da beach.... email me that address when you get back i got about 200 cards coming your way!

  2. Happy birthday. Mine is four days away.

  3. Have a very Happy Birfday to go along with that vacation!

  4. Happy Birthday Beardy, and by the way nice stuff there. Have fun at the beach while I'm ripping Allen & Ginter!

  5. My 13th birthday is the 24th of July, so do we all have July birthdays? (Sooz, Beardy, Night Owl, Me)

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday oh Bearded one...

  8. Happy Birthday, dude. Only 8 minutes too late.

  9. Happy B-Day and Thanks for all of the cards you sent in return for the Roberts ETC... All are a great addition to my growing Mariners collection! I thought it was cool that I sent you that 1990 Cal Ripking and you unkowingly sent me the 90' griffey! What are the odds! Grant