Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gint-A-Cuffs Box 1 Packs 13-16

Will there be any hits in these 4 packs? My gut tells me yes.

Pack 13

#99 Chris Duncan base
#2 Zack Grienke base
#158 Yadier Molina base
#212 Mariel Zagunis base
#95 David Patton base
#345 Carlos Delgado SP: +5pts
#104 Jeff Francoeur Ginter back mini: +2pts
#NP27 John Lackey National Pride USA

PACK 13 TOTAL: 7 points

Pack 14

#103 Aaron Harang base
#53 Mark Reynolds base
#266 Johnny Cueto base
#273 Jason Bay base
Delmon Young cloth card 08/10: +18pts
#14 Troy Tulowitzki Ginter back mini: +2pts
#NP16 Jake Peavy National Pride USA

PACK 14 TOTAL: 20 points

Pack 15

#267 Melvin Mora base: +1pt
#25 Evan Longoria base: +2pts
#53 Clayton Kershaw base: +2pts (card of the year)
#19 Mike Pelfrey base
#347 Yovani Gallardo SP: +5pts
#AGHS24 Mariano Rivera Baseball Highlights sketch card: +4pts
#106 Mike Jacobs mini
#NP29 Alfonso Soriano National Pride Dominican Republic

PACK 15 TOTAL: 14 points

Pack 16

#231 David Murphy base
#143 Robbie Maddison base
#104 Jeff Francoeur base
#208 Michael Young base
#AGR-RL Ryan Ludwick jersey relic: +8pts
#NP28 Melvin Mora National Pride Venezuela: +2pts

PACK 16 TOTAL: 10 points

Notice anything funny about pack 16? Yeah... I got shorted a card. Topps doesn't seem to have done the best job with quality control. I wonder if it has to do with Ginter coming out a few weeks earlier than usual?

Regardless of being shorted a card, these packs were pretty strong. The cloth card is gorgeous! Too bad it's of Delmon Young. The Kershaw base card is really nice looking, and is my nomination for card of the year... at least base card of the year.


  1. The Kershaw card is fantastic. I did not pull it, which PISSES ME OFF. I think your box is already beating the snot out of mine.(Yeah, that's some foreshadowing there).

  2. This box has to be the pace setter at this point. I think 2 of the 3 highest scoring cards so far have come out of it. You weren't kidding when you said it was an awesome box.

  3. tearing it up Beardy... that Kershaw card is quite nice looking but I might have to say that Lincecum card is better though...I like the action shot base cards (no bias here whatsoever) The Pujols base is also pretty awesome looking. We will finally be opening up our boxes tomorrow...and hopefully giving you a run for your money.

    Mark from Sacbunt