Friday, July 17, 2009

Gint-A-Cuffs Box 2 Packs 9-12

Let's see if I can keep up the crazy pace set by the first 8 packs...

Pack 9
#267 Magglio Ordonez base
#134 Jered Weaver base
#219 Nate McLouth base
#235 Roy Oswalt base
#292 Oliver Perez base
#325 Dioner Navarro SP: +5pts
#333 Nick Swisher Ginter back mini SP: 7pts + 2pts divided by 2 = +5pts
#NP26 Yunel Escobar National Pride Cuba
Stupid "Crack the Code" advertisement card

PACK 9 TOTAL: 10 points

Pack 10
#5 Luke Hochevar base
#233 John Lackey base
#10 Chone Figgins base
#197 Jhonny Peralta base
#214 Adam Dunn base
#273 Jason Bay base
#151 Cole Hamels Ginter back mini: +2pts
#NP38 Mariano Rivera National Pride Panama: +3pts (damn Yankees)
Another stupid "Crack the Code" advertisement card

PACK 10 TOTAL: A mortal 5 points

Pack 11
#254 John Maine base
#1 Jay Bruce base: +2pts
#24 Steve Wiebe base
#105 Kurt Suzuki base
#161 Justin Morneau base
#347 Yovani Gallardo SP: +5pts
#LMT7 Medusa Legends of Myth & Terror mini: +7pts
#NP46 Carlos Ruiz National Pride Panama (Panama aw aw aw aw aw!)

PACK 11 TOTAL: 14 points
Right back on track for a record breaker.

Pack 12
#274 Josh Hamilton base: +2pts
#129 Brain Giles base
#43 Koji Uehara base: +1pt
#23 Kristin Armstrong base
#243 Alexander Cartwright base
#270 Josh Outman base
#??? Aramis Ramirez NNO mini #35/50: +10pts
#NP44 Yunesky Betancourt National Pride Cuba
Yet another stupid "Crack the Code" advertisement card

PACK 12 TOTAL: 13 points

BOX TOTAL: 155 points

At the halfway mark this box is on pace for 310 points. Is it possible? Can it be? As of now, I don't know. It's too complicated to add these things up before posting them. All math is being done on the fly.

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  1. I don't know why, but I love the hand numbered cards. Really cool, even if it is just some guy named Larry sitting at a desk and numbering them until he can clock out at 5.

    By the way, do we have a ruling on how many points the autos are? Are they all 15 or are they owth more depending on the group or if they are red?