Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gint-A-Cuffs Box 1 Packs 21-24

Let's get on with it already!

Pack 21

#207 Jack Cust base
#185 Dustin Pedroia base: +2pts
#258 Felix Hernandez base
#109 Samuel Morse base
#181 Justin Morneau base
#277 Kerry Wood base
#NH2 Haile Selassie National Heroes Ethiopia: +5pts
#NP26 Yunel Escobar National Heroes Cuba

PACK 21 TOTAL: 7 points

Pack 22

#134 Jered Weaver base
#52 Aaron Hill base
#249 John Higby (yo-yo dude) base
#158 Sigmund Freud base
#AGR-DW Dontrelle Willis jersey relic w/ dirt stain: +8pts
#HHB7 Anna Anderson World's Biggest Hoaxes mini: +5pts
#NP20 Akinori Iwamura National Pride Japan

PACK 22 TOTAL: 13 points

Pack 23

#121 Ryan Church base
#113 Rafael Furcal base
#228 Will Simpson/Archie Bunker base
#97 Art Pennington base: Negro League Star +2pts
#28 Ervin Santana base
#209 St. Patrick's Cathedral base
#303 Rocco Baldelli SP mini: +7pts
#NP24 Chase Utley National Pride USA: +4pts

PACK 23 TOTAL: 13 points

Pack 24

#187 Brett Myers base
#227 Nelson Cruz base
#89 Elvis Andrus base
#65 Dexter Fowler base
#105 Kurt Suzuki base
#343 Doc "Huckleberry" Holliday SP: +5pts
#314 Chad Billingsley black frame SP mini: +3pts (black frame) + 7pts (SP mini) = +10pts
#NP25 Jonathan Sanchez National Pride Puerto Rico
Stupid "Crack The Code" advertisement

PACK 24 TOTAL: 15 points

Well, that is all for box 1. This appears on the surface to be a pretty strong entry, but you never know what someone else might pull. I heard a vicious rumor out there about someone pulling a red ink auto, so you never know. Eventually I'll collate all of these and figure out how close to completion I am when this box is combined with the second one. There is still no word from Topps about my missing hit and damaged minis. I emailed the brand manager, so we'll see how that works out. That box probably won't be posted until those issues are addressed, BUT there is a third box on it's way. It'll probably be here by the time I'm back from the beach on Wednesday.


  1. 300 points is formidable indeed!

  2. Man, I might have to buy a second box just to compete!

  3. 300 seems like a lot, although I have no frame of refence yet. Right now I'm like a child who wanders into the middle of a....

    I have to look back at all of your other posts, and everyone elses as well.

    And remember, I have not yet begun to fight!

  4. selassie's rastafari status surely makes his national heroes card worth at least another 10 points.